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How to make Screenshot and Non-touch Gestures? Little Tip for Blackview R6 Smartphone Part 2

How to make a screenshot for the blackview R6 Three fingers together to draw down Let’s go to the Gallery Let me show you one more time Three fingers slide down the current screen Can make a screenshot for the current screen. There is another function which named Non-touch gestures. Please go to the setting You can see it here and turn on the options you need. Ok, let’s show you. Go to locked/standby status When the screen turn on and you can unlock the phone, just wake your palm/hand. When you wake your hand/palm over the screen You can switch the interface. Take a photo to wake your palm/hand You can see this is the gesture sense here. If you go to the gallery, you can switch images. Change your music/sounds to use this funstion This blackview R6 has many little funny features. Just as we showed, and you can find out more. If you want to know more about this phone, please go to Chinavasion. You can search “Blackview R6”, you can find it. Thanks for watching

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