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How To Learn Sign Language

HOW TO Learn Russian? RUSSIAN language for beginners. First rule “How to learn this language?”

Hello, my dear friends! Today I will tell you the first rule “how to learn Russian language” My lessons are for all people. For any person. My lessons are suitable for beginners and advanced people who want to improve their Russian language. and to remove their accent. The first rule: “Learn phrases, not single words” Because the phrase contains a lot of words If you learn single words will constantly speak of their You will never be able to use them in everyday speech. Why learn phrases? In order to enable you to use the phrase in everyday speech. For example: You may know the word ЛЮБИТЬ ЛЮБИТЬ You may learn this word the way you did it in school again and again you will say this word But then you won’t be able to remember this word when you need it. But If you do learn phrases You will begin to learn at what point you need to use them Next question: Why do I teach the Russian language in Russian? I do this so that you can listen to the Russian language. What would you have heard the Russian language. You listen to what I tell you write in your notebook words and phrases that you don`t understand then you translate these phrases and repeat them again and again and repeat after me Watch my video and repeat these words and phrases And you learn it. It is better remembered when you look at the situation and hear the phrase that fits situation. Your vocabulary will be automatically filled You better memorize I promise. What power in phrases? First: Phrases are very easy to remember! You will hear the popular phrase often that Russian people use every day. You will hear the popular phrase often every day in my video you will hear popular phrases. Such phrases do exist . They are often used in the Russian language. “And What about Russian Grammar?”- you ask me. My answer is very simple: When you remember phrases, you will automatically learn the grammar of the Russian language. You will learn the correct sequence of words in the formulation sentence. Incentive sentences, exclamatory, interrogative. For Example: ИВАН ЛЮБИТ ЛЮБИТ. ЛЮБИТЬ (love) Present tense. It’s being done now ИВАН СЕЙЧАС ЛЮБИТ( Ivan now loves) ЛЮБИТ=НРАВИТСЯ(love=like) You repeat after me this phrase again and again. Every day. ИВАН ЛЮБИТ. And when you see a similar situation you can tell ПЕТЯ ЛЮБИТ ВАСЯ ЛЮБИТ ДЖЕК ЛЮБИТ НАТАША ЛЮБИТ This is a very very important rule. Every time in my video you will learn new phrases you will write them and repeat them every day again and again. Every day several times. So you learn not single words, you learn whole phrases. Do it often. Listen, look, And soon you will begin to understand the Russian language. You speak on it. If you are already talking in Russian, then you start to do it faster, sharper and clearer. You will begin to understand the Russian people. In the future, you will begin to understand new words. you will increase your vocabulary. Only phrases, phrases, phrases. No single words. leave the school in the past. With its boring textbooks and teachers. No more single useless words. This was the first rule “How to learn Russian language”? This is a very important rule. Your homework is to make a notebook of russian phrases. Write in this notebook new phrases in Russian. Repeat these phrases again and again. Again and again. Soon you will have a full notebook with Russian phrases. Most importantly, this “notebook” will be in your head. And when you start talking with a Russian man you will not climb on the books you’ll quickly remember what phrase you need to say And so, this was the first rule how to learn Russian language. The second rule will be tomorrow Follow me and goodbye!

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