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How to Improve Your Communication Skills • The Key to Developing Successful Relationships

We think that Communication is simply the
fact of sending A Message. A concept or an idea comes into your mind
and we use different ways to share it But we forget something essential
In this video, I want to show you how to improve your communication skills
And use them to build strong and successful relationships. We spend our childhood learning things
We learn History, Geography, Chemistry … But when do we learn how to communicate? Society expects you to learn on the fly, on
your own. We grew up and became “Adults”,
But usually, nobody showed us how to communicate effectively. If you have problems with your intimate relationships,
at work or with clients; Many times, it’s because you lack communication
skills. I had those same problems. That’s why I want to give you the tools
that helped me to better understand how communication works,
But mostly, they helped me build better relationships. At the end of this video, apply what you learned
and notice that you will deliver your messages more effectively. First, let’s look at the pillars of Communication
and think where could you improve. Assertiveness, Clarity and Listening:
The first principle is Assertiveness: This is the power that fuels your message to come
out of your mind At the end, you want to make an impact so
you need the confidence that your idea is worth it. A weak communication is not going to give
you the results you expect: Imagine it as a rocket going into space, if
the rocket doesn’t have enough power, it won’t be able to leave the atmosphere, it
will fall and explode. If you want to communicate your ideas, you
have to be assertive. The second principle is Clarity: This is the
way you send your message. Think of it as the truck that transports the
idea from your mind to the mind of someone else. That’s why clarity is so important
If you are unclear, your message will be understood in a distorted way
You have to learn to articulate your messages. Finally, the third principle is Listening
Skills: People want to feel that they are being listened to. You need to be open and aware that you’re
not the only one sending messages, The other person wants to communicate theirs
too. You have to keep an open mind and listen to
what others have to say. People will be open to understand you’re
message only if you’re also interested in listening to them. Keep in mind these three principles
And work on them. You will improve the skills to communicate
more effectively with people. But to build deeper and more meaningful relationships,
You will have to consider another concept, much more counter-intuitive than the first
three. You’ll need to understand the following:
“The success of MY communication comes from YOUR response, regardless of MY intention.” This presents the concept of Empathy. A message can be delivered successfully IF
the person understood it correctly. Not too long ago, I almost had a huge fight
with my girlfriend. She asked me how she looked, I replied ‘Ok’
without much enthusiasm. She was really offended and a little bit sad. To be clear, I think she’s beautiful but
I was distracted, and while she expected me to say,
“Oh my God! You look delightful!”; I just say “Ok”
She wasn’t expecting that. I had two options:
The first one was to defend my position, no matter what. Fight with my girlfriend and try to defend
my “Ok”. Justifying that I was tired and distracted. This is what most people do. The second option, requires more emotional
maturity: It is to recognize that my message hurt her
feelings And accept that my communication gets meaning
from her response, regardless of my intention. Now, let me ask you something: Do you prefer
to defend your position? How’s that working for you? You need send your message with more empathy
Don’t just consider your own intentions, think on how they will react. I’m not saying that you become weak,
On the contrary, I want you to be aware that your words have power, therefore you have
to anticipate how the other person will receive them. I propose that you get rid of your narcissistic
need to defend your intention and focus on how to communicate more effectively. Empathy is crucial to communicate better. Start to practice this principle. If you’re not use to it, you will feel uncomfortable
early on, but keep practicing, just remember the following: The success of your conversation comes from
the listener’s response, regardless of your intention. The key is to consider the feelings of the
other person. And If they respond to you in a way you didn’t
expect, don’t be offended. Instead look for a better way to communicate
your intentions So that their response matches your intention
It’s that simple. Develop this basic principles of communication,
And you will build stronger and more meaningful relationships. Next time you try to communicate a message
or an idea remember: Be Assertive
Be clear Listen,
But above all, have Empathy. Don’t fight to defend your position,
Instead keep improving your communication skills
And study how to reflect your intentions more effectively. Thank you for watching
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