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How to Draw People : Sketching a Gesture Drawing

Hi, I’m David Clemmon on behalf of Expert
Village and today we’re going to learn the basics of drawing. And now we have a better
understanding of the proportion in the relation to the human figure, we’re going to use this
wooden drawing tool that is movable and very proportion as far as the human figure goes
and you can bend and shape it and the reason this is good is because the human figure moves
and twists and bends and so forth. If you can learn the adult human figure, you can
pretty much draw anything. So, the exercise we’re going to do now is gesture drawings.
And basically what I going to do is I going to put this into a drawing into a position
and I’m not trying draw it or try to shade it or anything. I basically just trying to
get the gesture of what this is. So, I just want to take a really short amount of time
and just want to pick up the head here and figure this in here and see that the chest
comes down here and basically drawing the spine but I’m drawing the chest, the hips,
this is actually the midsection but the hips here. Then I’m going to draw the ball that
here and then I going to come down get the thigh. I’m almost tracing it as I go but you
notice how the top calve starts thinning as it goes out and then it comes back in. So,
I’m just trying to get this loosely here and the foot is pointing down but it does have
a joint there. This is connected here. Basically, I’m using this model to help me
learn how the body moves and its structure. Everyone wants to do the face and the shading
and all that first. But first you have to learn how the human figure is structured before
you can do any of that other stuff. If I want even can draw the little stand that it’s on
and that’s how you would do a gesture drawing.

43 Replies to “How to Draw People : Sketching a Gesture Drawing”

  • yeah i agree, rivenpheonix (or something like that) has way better videos. it helped me draw something using that gimp program… pretty damn awesome.

  • This is not gesture drawing. I don't even know why i thought that I can find something helpful from ExpertVillage! You guys suck with all due respect.

  • hm. you know that when you do gesture drawings you start with the angles? also, gesture drawings isnt really about shapes, its more about the motion. so when you say gesture drawings do you mean just like basic shapes? :S

  • expertvillage make shitty vids so stupid there explaining what there doing yet its a video? sho better angles. and he is figure drawing not gesture.

  • This sucks! Gesture drawing is about proportion yes, but also about rhythm, movement, direction of lines, etc… in a short time… lol!

  • That no gesture geez. But at least he has good line quality. Anyways gesture is about capturing the essence of life and the forces playing on the body (such as gravity). Also to capture the movement or rhythm of what you are drawing.

  • @retardno002 It is a form of gestural drawing – quick contour line. There are many kinds and ways to do a gesture drawing but the fundamental aspect of what makes a gesture drawing is simply doing it fast for a quick pose. I do agree that ExpertVillage sucks though. 😀

  • @stinky472 There was this guy who actually had a dvd or something to sell. Now he did awesome gesture drawing. Actually GESTURE drawing. From gestures… simple movements of the hand just following it's natural path. I will PM you a link if I find the guy.

  • @stinky472 Oh look he's in the related videos section user name RivenPhoenix. Check him out. He's not teaching you anything in the videos but he's really cool. Not this bullcrap…

  • @retardno002 Structure of Man is not a horrible DVD but it's considerably mediocre with its cheap comic book quality of figures when you compare it to something like Sheldon or Villpu's instructional videos. Villpu especially teaches how to draw the figure and anatomy from imagination much better but most of all, teaches gesture better than anyone, and he can render very realistic, Old Master-quality drawings of a figure in pretty much any pose and angle from imagination.

  • Vilppu, my bad. I just recently got his instructional DVDs and while pricey, I was blown away. I used to think his figures were drawn from models but most of them are just drawn from memory/imagination in front of his students. Structure of Man (RivenPhoenix) takes a similar format but is so much more drawn out and less to the point not to mention the end results aren't quite as good (a lot more stylized and based much more on his personal style of drawing).

  • i really do wish you guys would compile things, and be more picky about which video's you put up.

    i see far too many 'how to draw' video's from you guys that shouldn't be there. the this guy gets across is fine, but you guys need to put more effort into making a video that people will love.

    experts are boring…your video's prove that. i honestly do not blame the artist in this video for the bad comments given, because you guys are just bad at making an interesting series of "how to" videos.

  • @AIMANALI gesture drawing is a flowing motion. although it seems easier than regular drawing it's not because there are no helping guidlines or pre measurements to give you an idea of what it's going to look like. there aren't many good gesture drawing tutorials on youtube but I'm sure you know the right ones when you'll find them.

  • @retardno002 I think this is a beginner gesture drawing. For beginners….something simple, maybe easier to learn for some folks. my opinion i'm not trying to start a debate…or anything, but to be honest it's not that bad.

  • @retardno002 Well I am not going to argue, because i am sure you know more than I. At least you can admit its good for what it is….To be honest I don't know what gesture drawing is, and never heard of it before, I love art, I love drawing always did, since a kid, but knowing types like gesturing drawing I'm clueless.

  • @StephieLockdown /watch?v=TQTQo4Zazt4 this is gesture drawing. it's pretty cool actually. this video on the other hand should be marked as spam for misleading text lol

  • Link Title: Drawing Porportions

    Video: "Now that we know how to draw porportions, let's do other things!"


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