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How to Draw People : Sketching a Detailed Gesture Drawing

Hi, I’m David Clemen on behalf of Expert Village
and today we’re going to learn the basics of drawing. In continuing with the gesture
drawings, we’re just learning that, for me as an example, the body twists and turns.
If I take this bottle here of ink, it is what it is. It doesn’t do anything. You have a
sphere here and a sphere here and that’s all the information you really need to draw this,
but the human figure, it moves and bends and shapes and that’s why we’re using this wooden
model to get used to how the figure moves. So I’m going to change the position just to
kind of get a feel for a different position and I just want to try and capture what the
body’s doing. You can see the head is here, the chest and the rear, the spine is arched
there, the thigh comes out to the back, and the calf and the lower leg is extended. It’s
almost like this person is running. I’m always going to start at the head, that’s me personally,
not everyone does it, but I believe it’s just a good starting point. So the head is tilted
back. You can see how the chest, it arches there. So I can just indicate the neck here,
the chest comes out, we have the midsection, and then you see the hips are almost thrown
back to the right so I’m going to swing this back here and I want to catch this leg here.
Just indicate, you can draw the ball that connects the thigh, and this is actually,
see how this starts small here and gets bigger and comes back in. I just want to kind of
feel that with my pencil. You have to look at what you’re drawing, and then indicate
the knee and the calf comes down here and then the foot is down touching the ground.
This is the upper arm, this is the bicep, this is your shoulder here so I’m just going
to indicate that and I’m just getting used to how the body is built and that’s really
what we’re trying to learn right now. From my angle, I can barely see that other arm,
but I know it’s there because if I move I can see it. So I just want to kind of indicate
the upper arm here, got the elbow, this is extended, and draw the hand. Now I’ve got
the rear leg which I can’t see all of it, but I know it’s there. So I just want to catch
the thigh here, indicate the knee and send that calf and lower leg back, draw the ankle,
and indicate the foot and that’s another example of the gesture drawing.

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