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How to Dougie. Feel like getting fresh on the dance floor? Here are some steps that teach you how to
dougie. You will need Music at 88 bpm and style. Step 1. Turn on music with a driving 4-beat pattern
at a tempo of about 88 beats per minute. Feel the beats pulse through you as you prepare
to dougie. Step 2. Relax your body. Shift your weight to the balls of your feet,
bend your knees slightly, and place your arms out in front of you with the elbows slightly
bent. Pretend you’re holding a car’s steering
wheel to get the correct arm position. Step 3. On the first and second beats, move your hips
and turn your wrists while raising your shoulder slightly. Move to the left twice on the third beat before
swaying back to the right on the fourth beat, completing the pattern: left, right, left-left,
right. Step 4. As you continue swaying your hips, slick your
hand back over your head. Step 5. Spice up your dougie — brush the backs of
your hands over your chest, pluck your shirt up at the shoulders, or move your arms forward
and back at the elbow. Once you’ve found a personal style, head to
the dance floor and show your new, smooth moves. Did you know The dougie was inspired, in part,
by rapper Doug E. Fresh.

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