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How to Do Yoga Hand Gestures : How to Perform Samaan Yoga Mudras

Hi I’m Acharya Vikramaditya on behalf of Expert
Village. Today I’m going to explain to you Samaan Mudra. This Mudra is known as Samaan
Mudra. Formation is like that. You have to touch the tip of all the fingers with the
thumb. This Mudra is formed. This is a very important Mudra. This Mudra helps in regularizing
in all the five elements. This is the basic Mudra. This basically will balance all the
five elements. Along with that this Mudra is very helpful for the digestion. The problems
related to digestion are also healed through this Mudra. You can practice this Mudra for
a few seconds also and this will help a lot. Along with this, this Mudra is very helpful
for the disorder of the liver. When your liver is not functioning properly. Practice this
Mudra and your liver will start functioning in a normal way. This Samaan Mudra is also
very important. This is the part of the Panch Pran Upasana. When we worship God and we offer
water to God we perform five different Mudras in this series. This is Prann, this is Apaan
, this is Vyaan and this is Udaan and this is Samaan. So this Mudra is part of these
five Panch Pran Upasana. This is the last Mudra of these Panch Pran Upasana. And this
is a very important Mudra for the digestion. You practice this Mudra and along with Vajrasan
your digestion can be normal. After having your food, meal or everything. You practice
this Mudra and the problem of digestion can be cured in a tremendous way.

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