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How To Do “Magnetic” Passes and gestures // Non-Verbal Hypnosis Tutorial

This could be the first exercise of the series Magnetic Passes Tutorial now I’ll ask you something to do Hold your arm very tense like this keep it very tense look at me let it go down stand up this first part helps to create relaxation close your eyes now I’m performing a test magnetic passes let your sensations guide you keep your eyes closed she starts oscillating you must feel the sensation in your hands you should feel some heat and tingling in your hand look at the gestures here you’ll notice your subject becoming even more sensitive to you and will start following you she is following the hand with her eyes closed this happens when the subject is very sensitive remain concentrade in this zone here work on solar plexus the magnetic passes concentrate the energy here this center is the solar plexus at the end of ther sternum there is a soft part the solar plexus is here the solar plexus is the point where we concentrate the key this is the gateway to access Magnetism to access Magnetism the gateway to the solar plexus when we work on solar plexus we can reach deeper Now I will make her open her eyes how was that experience? Fine Get our free Course: Contact us at

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