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How To Learn Sign Language

How to change the language and location on YouTube from your computer

You have the option to select your language and location
on YouTube on your computer. Language settings
change the text that appears while location affects the types of videos
that are recommended and trending. It’s pretty simple to change these settings. Go to your profile picture. Select the language
or location that you’d like to use. YouTube language settings
apply to the entire site. But videos should remain
in their original language. “Hi everyone, I’m Daniel and this is Abby.” “And we’re part of Team YouTube.” And that’s it. Subscribe for more YouTube tips and tricks.

100 Replies to “How to change the language and location on YouTube from your computer”

  • YouTube Help What did you do to my liked videos? What is your problem? Is it a problem that I examine the videos that I like so that I can watch them again? Or you don't like what I've watched. Bloody morons, you and your censorship tactics.

  • 10 Guida di Youtube. Molto utile questo tutorial, l' unica cosa é che si potrebbe fare di piu, appunto, sull' argomento "monetizazzione" che si é capito poco e sui relativi copyright…Noi youtubers abbiamo il bisogno di essere tutelati e informati su tutte le funzionalita in merito.

  • Can you solve my problem

    I have to restore my channel because I forgot the email but I know the code Is there a solution I am from Syria was established in Saudi Arabia ?????

  • But if you want me to steal one of the channels, I just want to restore my channel, please name it (Qanat 'adhak)

  • My channel lacks the number of views and watch time every day. I do not know what the problem in my Dashboard please fix it

  • My channel lacks the number of views and watch time every day. I do not know what the problem in my Dashboard please fix it

  • Here is an idea how about you fix the fact that there is porn on YouTube that anyone can see including children.

  • Здравствуйте YouTube .я пришёл с проблемой .У меня на видео Пародия Клипа Skibidi [Romantic Edition] Там было 112 просмотров ,А стало 71 просмотр.можете решить эту проблему

  • hi..
    i talk only arabic so pls i hop you will undrstan.

    هناك مشكلة في لغة العربية في يوتيوب
    عندما تضع لغة العربية في يوتيوب و تحاول ان تشغل فديو وتضع شاشة كاملة يضهر الشريط نزول و صعود لي الفأرة

    i hop you fix this problem

  • I cannot get my YT chat links to activate, do they have a time-limited amount on links once sent and before it is activated? I was sent a link on the 21st and just opened it today the 24th and it says it is expired, that makes no sense to me. Can you help? This is the second link I got and first one strangely expired and I had activated that one and chatted a few times on it but went away and when back a week later link would not work. I am using YT chat via a desktop, is that the issue?
    Thank you if you take the time to reply.👍

  • Hi I have a question about monetization? I got 4000hrs and 1000subs but monetization not enabled.why this happend to me?what can I do thankyou youtube team.please answer me?

  • Is there anyone I can talk to about re-evaluating monetization? I just got a denial email stating "sexual content". My content is the furthest thing from that. I upload pretty clean content. There is no way a human looked at my account and made that decision. No specifics on what is "sexual" on my channel. Channel like mine are being approved for monetization all the time, but not me? On top of that, there is no support for me as a creator? no email, or anything to reach out. Just wait 30 days and reapply. Crazy….

  • YouTube you are great I don't leave YouTube till my life end I love you YouTube team I love you all…..

  • With the defamation and slander against me in specific areas of YouTube, it has effected many areas of my life in all directions and even the lives of many of my loved ones. I gave you alot of "2nd chances" there YouTube, and in return you audaciously squandered them in a final act of contempt and belligerence. I'm a good man and you've slandered me to be otherwise and I have the sort of legal representation that will devastate the world you know YouTube. The recent Facebook headlines are nothing compared to this collosal situation.

    You blew your chances of my letting this go and lavishly forgiving you. Instead, you force me into a defensive position.
    Just remember, this was YOUR choice, not mine.
    You're fools for doing this, especially considering the fact that all you had to do to avoid this was clear up my reputation (that YOU defamed endlessly) and let me have a fully open and functional drum cover channel in which I've always observed the rules and protocols of YouTube.


  • hy Guys, please help me, on my channel
    do not appear videos older than 6 months,
    what is the problem, how do I solve it? tell me please :* thanks

  • Hello Sir ,, here I would like to ask ,,, is my channel that this will be aktivkan monetization his? About my channel in review by YouTube team no answer when I was in review the June 2018 but until until now there is no in monetization ,,, but why watch time in my channel more days reduced, if subscriber his more days more bertambah.tolong the answer !!! thank you

  • Can you guy stop freaking freezing Twice fancy views. Twice is internationally famous and not bogs. Cappers

  • Help all my content & subs are missing after transferring from the brand account channel. My manager already reached out to a partner program a couple of times but until now there's no resolution, & your support keeps on insisting that he's not linked to my account, I gave him my account & password to manage, thus a brand account channel was created to manage from his account, after transferring usually this takes a couple of minutes to reflect but until now it's not reflecting. These content are 14 years in the making, please resolve this. We can continue this conversation through my email.

  • How can I remove the translation of the channel after the channel has been translated wrong and after the disappearance of the gear I want to help remove the translation

  • How to turn off channel translations if you want to edit your channel in any language or update your channel name in all languages at the same time.

  • How you can only make changes to your channel after you've set the language in YouTube to the original language you used in your translations

  • How you can only make changes to my channel after you've set the YouTube language to the original language you used in your translations

    How changes can not be made to my channel after you've set the YouTube language

    Does that make sense


  • tôi là một người làm youtube và youtube của tôi bị thụt từ 5000 giờ xem xuống còn 3000 giờ khiến tôi không thể mở kiếm tiền

  • 请问一下,我的帐号在申请获利的时候,因为多申请了一个AdSense帐号,被邮件告知要更换AdSense帐号,可是


  • Excuse me, when I applied for a profit, because I applied for an additional AdSense account, I was told by email to change the AdSense account, but

    When I change the AdSense account, the profit tag shows stop profit, so there is no way to change the AdSense account. The channel has not received copyright and violation warnings. Can this be solved, or can we not apply for profit in the future?

  • Hi Team.
    It's a request that despite fulfilling youtube criteria and rules I am not monetized yet once after New rules of Feb 2018, now all criteria is fulfilled please complete the review and monetized it by taking decision.

  • Dear YouTube team,

    My channel has reached 1k subscribers and 4k watch hours in previous 12 months…but my channel is still under review in above 3 months..when my monitization is enable …this is my second request letter…so you give me a great suggestion for me and my channel.. waiting for your kind reply.

    My YouTube channel name. DJLOKESH LAMANI

  • Включила функцию помощь сообщества с переводом субтитров. Но люди видят предложеные видео не все, а только те на которые субтитры созданы автоматически. А мне надо наоборот, чтобы подписчикам были доступны для перевода видео, которые я отредактировала уже. Что не так в моих настройках?

  • My channel has made 100% content by itself, but YouTube has been reviewing for more than 8 months and has not yet made money for my channel.

    I can't breathe air to continue working for youtube.

    My family and I need my meals and school fees

  • Can't change the language of ''Updated Terms of Service" beside the one proposed automatically. Once again YT proves that the company doesn't care about users. Horrific!

  • You're still presenting me my search results in German. I don't want to watch German videos. I want to watch English videos. Show me English videos when I type into the search bar.

    [My language setting is English and the location is set to the US. Why do I get German search results?]

  • The problem I have is the titles and desriptions are still translated into the language of the country I'm in, not the language that I set. I set both location and language to English and United Kingdom. The title of this video still says "Как выбрать язык и страну на сайте YouTube".

  • Why do I keep getting recommended video's in a language I do not understand?? I have select English as my language but some video's youtube recommends are in Chinese, or Russian or Korean or what ever!! Can this be fixed??

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