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How To Change Language On Google Chrome

How To Change Language On Google Chrome If you want to change your language on Google Chrome, click on the top right box, and select Settings. Go all the way down and click “Show advanced settings.” Go all the way down and in the Languages section, click “Language and input settings.” Here you can see which languages are pre-loaded. To add a new language, click “Add,” select your language, and click “OK.” After you’ve added your language, if you want to change the default language, drag it to the top then click “Display Google Chrome in this language.” If you want it to take effect you’ll need to close all Google Chrome windows and relaunch Chrome. Once you relaunch Chrome, it’ll show up in the language you set it to. To put it back to English, drag it back up to the top and click on “Done.” That’s how to change language on Google Chrome! If this helped you please give it a LIKE, or let me know by commenting below, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more how-to instructional videos!

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  • I am an Englishman living in Greece. My Google Chrome arrived in Spanish – a language I do not speak – so your YouTube advice is not only useless to me, but rather silly, because I cannot understand the Spanish instructions. What do you say?

  • Thank you soooo much..feel relieved now after battling to change my chrome from german to english. Thanks once again

  • My Chrome settings are in Hebrew, and I live in Israel, but I'm American. There is no 'x' for me to delete Hebrew from the list of languages even when I hover over it, so I can't remove it from the list of languanges, how can I fix this?

    Another setting apparently is set so that when I type directly into the browser window, an error message pops up, and I have to go to to use as the search engine, it doesn't work when I search from the browser window. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!

  • Hey i wanna know if there is a way for me to get webpages to only be in english, because they always show me the spanish version and i hate it how bad the translations are…
    Like say if i go to yahoo or another page that has spanish it automatically changes to that….

  • thank you for some reason i have just update to windows ten had to reset my computer and i downloaded chrome and it was a diffrent laungage.

  • it didnt work for me, after i change the language to english. I saved it but it is still displaying the other language

  • I have french and english. I cant delete french, putting english on top, doesnt change my google chrome language to english…

  • I just want to say thank you for your support and assistance. I don't know how I accidently changed my language settings to Spanish from English but I did. It has taken me a week to try to figure out what happened. Until I seen your video. THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU HELP ME OUT ALOT! and now I can see it all in English again! THANK YOU ,THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  • would be nice if it worked. My settings are definitely set to English and still Google comes up in Spanish. Very frustrating

  • Didn't help, my computer chrome is still stuck in japanese. even turned off the computer, it still says that i am using english, but it says that in japanese Kanji, and will not give me any of the right click menus in english… annoying, any other ideas?

  • This is old as fuck son! Come on buddy! Why do you lie that is 2015 when it is an old Chrome version, probably 2013!

  • i added a new language and told it to display it, restarted chrome, and it didn't work. any idea why?

  • Doesn't help at all brother. Google is controlling our lives and we can't do anything. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!

  • If I write "Hellor" and right click on it, it offers me Heller and Helar instead of Hello. I've already done what this video suggests. What's going on? I don't have this issue on Firefox.

    My chrome settings are in danish language, so by translating some how i followed above step but it just changed default search language. still when i go to settings in chrome everything is in danish.

  • Thank you!!! I accidentally set my language to Chinese and couldn't read my way out of it. The tip that helped me the most was to close out of the browser to restart it in English.

  • Thank you!!! you helped me so much! my google chrome was stuck on portuguese for 3 months and I couldn't change it. thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you thank you thank you. I'm getting ready to canvass for Single Payer SB562 in Santa Rosa, Calif. I need to brush up on my native Spanish in case the need pops up.

  • This is very helpful video while user wanna chang language on chrome browser. If any snag is create during following steps contact google chrome helpline to get customer service approaches here : 1-(855)-550-2552
    Visit :

  • This tutorial will help you to change language on Google Chrome

  • For some strange reason my 'Settings' were in Spanish language after doing a restore. I managed to find 'Idiom' in my 'Advanced Settings' which had a choice of 'Inglasi ca' or 'Inglasi usa' with three dots beside it. I clicked on the three dots and selected both choices as one was for web pages and the other was for other stuff. There was a word in capitals beside it which translated to RESTART which I clicked and restarted my web page with everything working correctly. I know this is a dumb grope in the dark, but it worked brilliantly. NOTE:- I have three dots where most folks have three bars for 'Settings.' Also beside the 'Inglasi ca' there was a switch setting to translate any web page from a foriegn language into english which I switched to ON.

  • Your Settings are in ENGLISH so the video defeats the purpose – My settings are all in THAI so I cannot read the damned settings.

  • This will not work as I have tried it on numerous occasions. My search box was in French and any search came up and was then translated back to English. Then I discovered quite by accident what will change. I noticed that on my Smartphone I had accidentally clicked on "also available in French" when I was doing a search. As soon as I corrected the error and clicked on "also available in English" everything returned to normal. I checked all my search boxes in the Google browser (not Chrome as there was bo capability there to change the language) and all is well. Google Chrom and Google browser are now in English.

  • i had the the same problem. here is how i fixed it.

    Deleted chrome and cookies, deleted the stored chrome data in file manager. C:Users*yourname*AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data .

    then downloaded the "en" version from here .

  • Why is my Location in Google Chrome "written" in Chinese?!?! Any suggestions on how to fix this? (I've already tried the above.) I'm not sure if it's just how the location is report, even though I live in Florida, USA.

  • Now I know how to change from a foreign language back to English – a family member checked his (English) google chrome search page and figured out from there where to click on mine to change: Do not go to the top right corner. Type anything into the URL and click enter (or click on the magnifying glass). Words in the foreign (undesired) language will appear under the little window where whatever you typed in will display. (under these words websites related to what you have typed in will be). Back to those undesired language words (under the window with the word you typed in): click on the second word from the right. (This would have been "Settings" if those words were in English). Then click on the second word from the top (which would be "Languages" if it was in English). Then you select "English" or whatever language you prefer and then click on "save". Hope this will prevent someone to search the internet for 2 hours without any success (like I have done today).

  • Problem is everything is in Spanish, I have no idea how to find settings or advanced settings. It is a Spanish computer. Thanks anyhow.

  • How to change language in Google chrome browser, then contact chrome support phone number

  • Nice. I've finally changed Chrome's English into proper English. time to stop using z's in place of s's, and to finally not be auto corrected from aluminium!!!!

  • Just taken delivery of an ACER Chromebook. On turning it on everything is coming up in Polish and I can't see anyway out of it!

  • the video did not help,
    but this did:

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  • yeah that is really helpful video thanks. Man I dunno what google is thinking, like yeah I am a german in germany but I installed everything on this pc in english so for all they know I might not speak german. Choosingf the language at setup by looking at the IP instead of the system language is fricked up!.

  • so any idea how to change language on my laptop running win7? because its in polish i dont understand polish so its rather challenging to even figure out where i would even find settings to do that

  • The video didn't solve, but another user below suggested a link that worked:

  • the video did not help,

    but this did:

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