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How To Change Language In Jio Phone 1,2 From English To Hindi or Any Other Region(Input Method)

Hello guys and welcome back to my
youtube channel “Teconz”. Today I will show you how to change your language from English to Hindi or any other Indian languages by using jio phone 1 & 2 and this video is only for Indian people’s. Now a days this Jio is one of the largest network service provider in India and this Jio phone is also launched
by this Jio network. Now a days most of the Indians are using this Jio phone at same time they doesn’t know, how to change this jiophone language from English to our original language. So if you have the same doubt, just follow me
friends. So let’s go to our tutorial… Here I show the steps by using my jiophone 2, but this same method also works on jio phone 1 & 3 because all the
models are have the same operating system and the setting location is also
common. So how to do it?.First of all open your menu section by simply press
the Menu key in this menu section you can go to
“Settings” in setting section in top it shows some settings categories, but you can select “Personalization” settings and the second one. So here you can scroll down and then locate “Language” settings, so if you want to change it just click to open it. So here it shows lot’s of languages so you can choose your regional language, so once you change it
also you can choose your input method language, by simply go back to the one
step and then select “Input methods”, so if you want to change this input language,
you can use this section, otherwise you can leave it. So this is the way you can easily change your jiophone language by watching my tutorial. For more tech videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel “Teconz” and thanks for

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