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How to be a SMART MOUTH? Enhance Your Communication Skills & Speaking Style | Public Speaking Tips

Hey everybody, welcome back you are watching
me Meera on Skillopedia. Now guys this is a place where you get to learn new skills
for the real world. Well today’s topic was inspired by a friend of mine. So early this
morning I will tell you what happened, I sent her a text message, message saying, ‘Hi,
how are you?’ ‘How’s everything at work?’ ‘Let’s catch up soon.’ To which she replied,
‘Hi Meera, in today’s competitive business world, being smart is not enough.’ ‘I
must have the skills to make others agree with me.’ ‘There is so much to tell you
Meera, let’s catch up soon.’ Now guys, I completely agree with her and I thought why
shall I not talk about this with you guys today and that is exactly what we are going
to talk about, being an eloquent speaker in the business world will definitely make you
win your listeners minds and hearts both and that is what you should aim to be and you
should aim to do. Now you will ask me, what is exactly, what is that I should do to be
more eloquent? Well you require to work on your speaking skills. Let me tell you how
you can conquer these skills excited, so am I. Let us get this ball rolling guys, well
one thing keep watching this video until the end as I will make sure to share few habits
with you that can make you sound smarter and I bet you the more you watch this video the
more you will solve this problem and become better, yeah? Well at times what happens is that there is
a sort of a leakage in your communication and we must fix that. Why does that happen?
Why is there a leakage? Because your message is incomplete and people can’t absorb the
information that means people don’t understand you properly. There’s a big question mark.
Maybe because of the words you used possible, phrases or just, just very complicated, entangled
sentences or maybe because you’re using the same words that you learnt or the terms that
you have learnt with everyone, is there a possibility? There’s a very common saying
guys, “one size doesn’t fit all” that means you must check your audience before
you use certain phrases. Now guys wherever you learn or whenever you learn a new word,
a phrase, don’t just, just start using it everywhere. Keep the advanced words like eloquence
for instance, right? We just learnt it. Or even your corporate jargons like, ‘the market
is booming’. Just keep these for your workplace, for the right people. I mean just think about
it you wouldn’t use words like, ‘dude’ or ‘whatever’ in your office, right? Similarly
you cannot use advanced phrases with your friends or probably young ones or really,
really elder ones, right? I know, I know… I know being professionally sound with correct
business English is not just a piece of cake. So for better English and better business
eloquence, better speech use catchy yet common phrases, jargons, terms and words, yeah? You
should be able to impress someone and make them understand. Now that’s what we need to
do. So guys I usually use “Lingoda” as it really helps me fix my problems at workplace.
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to talk more about it and more in detail towards the end but if you want to check it right
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If you want to visit their website, the link for “Lingoda” is also mentioned in the
description you can check it out right now as well. Now the question is what happens when you
learn all the right words but, your speech ruins it for you. Oops! I can actually tell
you the most common errors that we end up making, yeah? That you can actually change
for yourselves. Now there is one thing, we always have this one thing in our mind when
we are speaking, ‘Are they paying attention to what I’m saying?’ Good question guys
because most of the times people are not. The key to keeping someone’s attention going
is to change the speed of your speech according to emotions. In the whole speech keeping melody
alive is the key. Why all this singing is what you’re thinking about right now probably.
So that it’s because I need to grab your attention and you need to grab their attention and this
makes you look smarter and convincing enough. If you need, for people to pay attention and
respect your information, particularly when in today’s day and age, we don’t even have
the patience to watch an advt for five seconds, right? We just skip it, okay? Now I’m talking
about dramatizing the situation, right? Emphasizing the right words, like the way I just did.
Phrases and topics as well. Now let’s check this out, ‘The door is kept open.’ ‘The
door is kept open?’ ‘The door is kept open!’ ‘The door is kept open!!!’ See
how stresses, emphasis, intonation made you understand if I’m asking you, if I’m telling
you or am I in a shock or am I just it’s a just plain simple question. You need to do
that as well. Now there is one more thing, ‘pauses’. Like these generate curiosity
and create suspense which can be, which can be used as a great tool for the audience and
they listen even more curiously. I know you guys will love this one and you would completely
rock this trick if you actually practice this. Just be a little dramatic with a friend, practice
out with them and try it out and see how it goes for you, right? Now let’s check the other problem out. The
question is, how loud is loud enough my friends? I know it’s a little poetic, it’s a little
tricky. Now imagine the situation where you have to talk or address an audience at work
or for work, yeah? Now you must take care that, you do not get in people’s hair, irritate
people sitting in front of you by being extra loud. But the person farthest should be able
to hear you loud and clear. See what happened? Either I’m too loud or I’m too low. Now you
would say I can’t listen to you or oh my god this is too loud. So guys it’s a simple trick,
you must find the correct volume simply by asking, ‘Am I clear?’ ‘Can the last
row hear me clearly?’ Yeah? ‘Is it fine for the row in the front?’ Once you get
thumbs up, you are good to go. Now this way you have their attention, you have spoken
to them, right? Remember to make people listen to you, you must have a certain amount of
authority in your tone of voice. Please do not yell, do not embarrass yourself just increase
the bass, instead of being really nasal, just increase the bass. You would sound authoritative
that way, right? Like I promised you guys, these basic points will make people believe
in you as a speaker and who knows what he or she is saying. This might land you a great
opportunity and that’s what we’re aiming for. Well fabulous guys all these points go hand
in hand for making others believe in you as a professional. Do apply all these points
in your speech and make it more effective. Now like I said I was going to tell you a
little bit more about “Lingoda” the reason why I want you to try it out is because the
new business English course comes with 90 online group classes which could be taken
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per session per class per group class, right? Well what you could do is, you could sign
up for a trial class which lasts for an hour with a native speaker but paying just a small
deposit which is refundable back if you attend the class, right? Now I really believe that
the price is worth as you’re. You’re learning from quality and qualified native English
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first payments, right? Don’t forget to check the link and the voucher code mention in the
description box below. So guys do give it a try and let me know what you think about
it in the comments. I trust you must have learned something new today, I will be back
with a new topic very soon, until then take care spread love this is me Meera signing
off for the day, bye.

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