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How to add language to android – install language without root

Hello tutorial shows you how to we install additional language were There are two ways if your Android version supports addition of language just go to settings Find language in impo Tap on language And you will see ad language option So you can find desired language from the list and Abbot But if your android version does not support this option you should install it manually Let’s do it as I mentioned do it without route permission, let’s check it As you see Android is Okay, let’s install lang to Android First of all, you need to download and install the application more local to Okay, let’s check what we have here As you see there are any languages for your choice You can set any language but first we need permission to use them Okay, now we need to enable USB debugging mode before we connect Android to the computer in Android 4.2 and higher versions the developer options menu and USB debugging option have been hidden So first we need to enable developer options menu Go to settings Scroll down to the bottom and tap about phone Go to software information Locate the build number field And tap the build number seven times to enable developer options When you are done you’ll see the message developer mode has been enabled to the settings Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the developer options menu Now we can enable USB debugging mode Go to developer option Scroll down Find USB debugging and enable it You okay now we can connect Android device to the computer Okay, now we need to download a DB tool Android debug bridge ADB is a command-line tool that lets you communicate with an Android device you Can find download link below in the description Extract the file Move ADB tool to C Drive Open command prompt you And type following commands first navigate to a DB directory Each command is followed by Enter Second we can verify if device is connected properly We get device unauthorized This usually happens when you miss accepting the RSA key notification So we need to reset the settings Your Android device – settings Scroll down to the bottom and tap developers option Switch off restart developers option Under developer settings scroll down find and tap on revoke USB authorization Enable USB debugging And you will get RSA key notification Select always allow from this computer and tap, okay You okay we done go back to your computer And retry the command you As you see we fix it now it’s working Okay, let’s type next commands That’s all we done Let’s check what we get Let’s said German As you see the language has successfully Okay, let’s test Russian Works fine Thanks for watching please subscribe my channel and get more great tips

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