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How Special Forces Snipers Communicate | Sniper Spotter Dialogue | Tactical Rifleman

We’re going to go over how to correctly talk on to a target and then how to properly engage that Target using the correct sniper Verbage [alright] as a shooter spotter team [first] thing we’re going to do when we get to a position is conduct a hasty search all right if you remember back from the Observation class the hasty search is near to far and we’re looking for any immediate threats and identifying any dead space once we’ve conducted that hasty search we’re going to immediately start looking at our sector and breaking it down into smaller portions and Identifying the reference points as we go You look out on our range here on the Farthest left hand side We have that left-hand range flag that is one reference point continuing [to] the right? We [have] the one to Board by Continuing to the right I have a left side intersection approximately 500 meters But continue to the right I have the [2-3] board Continuing right I have another intersection. I’ll call that my right side intersection and then continuing right I have a 3/4 board and Then my farthest [Right-hand] limit as that right side range fan Once I’ve identified those range- those reference points I can break this down into sectors So my sector [1] will be my left range fan to the 1/2 board Sector 2 will be the 1/2 Board to the 2/3 board sector 3, 2/3 board to the 3/4 Board sector 4, 3/4 board to the right side range fan I can further break my sectors down in Depth if you look at the range here at about 500 meters. I have a road running horizontally Right to left so anything from me to that road will be sector a anything from that Road Beyond will be sector being So if I need to talk my to my shooter on to a certain area or Target quickly I can simply say shooter. Go to one bravo or three alpha that allows him to get in that area very quickly [alright] once you’ve identified those Sectors, we’re going to start doing our deliberate search and again if you remember back to that observation course that deliberate search allows you to Go or you break those sectors down, and you look for any target indicators that may give away an enemy position Once that’s complete you’ll start your range card and beginning your and continuing your activity log. All right now we’ll go over how to Talk [onto] a target. So there are three ways to indicate a talk direct method the direct method would be Talking [onto] a target that we’ve already identified for example Brian by I Go to the 12 inch plate at the right intersection Contact [alright] He can immediately go to that target because we’ve already identified it now there are two other ways to talk onto our Target We have the reference point method and the clock rate method these two methods need to be used in conjunction with each other So we can use those reference points that we’ve already identified For instance brian go to the 2-3 board. BRIAN: contact. From the 2-3 board go to the three o’clock approximately [ten] Mills BRIAN: Contact. Go to glass BRIAN: Now you get the Target leaning slowly to the right the head is on the dark green grass- Go and stop there So that’s how we were talking to a target now. We’ll move into the proper verbage to engage that Target We’re gonna go back on to how to talk to our target and then how to use proper verbage to engage that Target Shooter by I go to the 2/3 board. BRIAN: contact From the 2/3 board go to the three o’clock approximately ten [mills] BRIAN: Contact Go to glass All right As soon as he gets on [that] target. He’s going to start describing everything around that Target all right same time I’m looking for what he’s describing BRIAN: [alright] Target has white grass around the shoulders and down around the head areas dark green grass leaning slightly to the right BRIAN: to the ten o’clock is a berm and Then to the three o’clock is another Target [I] check parallax and mill alright once I’m satisfied that he’s given we were both looking at the same Target I’m gonna simply cut him off by telling him to check Parallax and mill once I tell him that He is going to crisp up that target as much as he can with his parallax knob then he’s gonna cant his scope to that reticle is on the Going up and down on the tallest portion that target to begin milling as the spotter I’m gonna get a flash mill of that Target as well That way I can just be a double check for him, and then I’m immediately going to start looking at winds BRIAN: 1.63 [Alright] once he’s got that mill that he identifies the mill. He’s gonna call back to me what he sees He [sees] a one point six three I’m seeing it about a one point six as well [alright] after [I] have that mill I’m going to take whatever ballistic computer I’m using or density altitude car to find the ballistic solution, plug his information in Once I have it i’m gonna tell him check level Right here. He’s using [that] anti cant device to make sure his reticle is level and Then hold over 5.4 BRIAN: Ready. [Alright] once I give him that [holdover] he knows to begin prepping his firing sequence. So he’s going to start breathing out slowly Taking up slack in that trigger and with that last little bit of breath before he gets to [that] natural respiratory pause He’s going to tell me ready Once I hear ready I’m going to give him my one call left point [four] All right After he gets that Left point four that’s his command of [execution] to squeeze the trigger now I need to make sure I get that wind call off between three at least three to five seconds after He gives me that ready because at this point. He’s out of air If I wait around and don’t get that wind call out quickly. He’s going to have to reset take another breath All right, he shoots We hit the target if he- we need to reengage for whatever reason or we missed I would simply Start him over by saying [holdover]. Whatever the correct holdover would be to hit that target this time He begins doing that firing sequence once more Once he’s there he gives me a ready, and I gave him the wind call again left 0.6 All right from here we’re going to move on to a live fire demonstration Alright shooter go and lock and load By I go to the three-four board. BRIAN: contact. From the [three-four] board go to the three o’clock proximately 30 mils BRIAN: Contact. Go to glass BRIAN: So you got a target sitting up on a hilltop [reds] Red circle in the middle? BRIAN: [tree] line – it’s 12 o’clock- That’s your target check Parallax and [Mill] BRIAN: 1.16 Check level holdover 3.9 BRIAN: ready Left .2 Shooter by I go to the 3/4 board. BRIAN: contact. From the 3/4 board go to the 12 o’clock. BRIAN: contact. Go to glass BRIAN: all right, so I got a target leaning to the left blue circle to the 10 o’clock from that is a Orange barrier until the [9] o’clock is that roa- That is your target check Parallax and [Mill] BRIAN: 1.41 holdover 7.8 BRIAN: ready. left point eight holdover 7.8 BRIAN: ready left .4 by I Go to the 2/3 board. BRIAN: contact. From the 2/3 board go to the three o’clock. [it’s] [an] [E-type] silhouette. BRIAN: contact. Go to glass. BRIAN: All right, so you get a key type, silhouette leaning slightly of the right blue circle? [Dark] Green grass around the head BRIAN: Its body isn’t th- That is not your Target. Go to the right side intersection Brian: contact come there right intersection go to the ten o’clock You see a 12 inch plate Brian: contact from the 12 inch plate go to the 9:30 Approximately 40 mils you see an E type silhouette Brian: contact Go to glass BRIAN: Alright silhouette the body is in the dark grass the stake is in the light grass to the One o’clock you [have] another e. Type silhouette. Deep- That’s your target. Check paralax and mil. 1.79 Check level holdover 5.5 Brian: ready left point three holdover 5.5 Brian: ready [center] Shooter by I go to the two three board Brian: contact From the two three board go to the two thirty approximately 10 mils Brian: contact Go to class Brian: alright, this is [the] target where the bodies in the white grasp head is in the dark grass leaning slightly to the right blue circle That is your target check Parallax and Mill Brian: Got 1.7 Check level [holdover], [six-Point-seven] Brian: ready left point to Gun lock and clear that is the correct way to talk on to a target and the correct [verbage] to use to engage that Target

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