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How To Learn Sign Language

How I learned to speak 6 languages ! (w/ Subtitles)

hi guys and welcome back to my channel
if you are new to my channel hi my name is Abir, please make sure to
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um in this video I decided to speak about one of my biggest secret I
guess because the first question I’ve ever gotten asked when people know
or they can tell that I’m not from America they would ask me “oh how many
languages do you speak ? ” and as soon as I tell them I speak six languages everyone
loses their shit like literally. so they ask me why and how it gets kind of
annoying sometimes people are kind of oblivious to the fact that a lot of
people that are not American from other countries are able to speak at least
more than two languages it’s kind of the norm but I do understand – I know that
it’s not really that often that you come across people that can speak more than
three languages so I am always happy to explain them how and where and when but it’s usually a really good conversation starter
I don’t want to go on tangent right now so in this video we’ll be talking to you
about the six languages that I speak I will be talking in the language that I’m
actually presenting so I’ll also be including subtitles in case you can’t understand
that language I decided to include subtitles in English because it’s easier
most people are able to understand English so I will just include the
subtitles so if you’re really interested in you want to see how many languages I
could speak please keep watching

100 Replies to “How I learned to speak 6 languages ! (w/ Subtitles)”

  • Hi all!
    Many of you have been asking for a more in depth explanation of how I learned these languages. I recently made a video where I explain the more technical side of my language learning experience.
    Hope this helps 🙂
    Here's the link:

  • Watashi wa Alkhaerul desu Indonesia kara kimashita that speaks japanese but cant read hanzi. English as my third language and you have to know my mother tounge tentu saja bahasa indonesia tercinta. Sedangkan kang ke loro kita ngomong jawa cerbonan teras urang oge tyasa sasundaan. Sabab abdi muslim jadi kedah tyasa bahasa arab..أنا أتعلم شُكْراً

    1. Indonesian (mother tounge)
    2. Javanese varian cirebonese (traditional language of Indonesia)
    Sunda (traditional language)
    3. English (as international language)
    4.arabic (cause Im a muslim)
    5. Japanese (one of another asia langauge that I chose)
    6. French (it's little bit. I learn recently)

  • I would love to learn and speak this many languages but I am so busy with school work 😞 I can speak English-1st Lang, French(not fluent but learnt in school),Spanish ( I only remember a little from learning at school), very basic Korean and Japanese eg Hello, my name is ,bye and only a few words -Mandarin Chinese ~

  • I can speak Estonian, Russian (struggling to write as i grew up in Estonia and didint have time to learn to write in Russian),English and planning to learn Japanese,Chinese, French and Spanish rn im learning Korean

  • at the moment, i speak three languages fluently, those are flemish french and english (i grew up in belgium which teaches 3 languages but i already knew 2 from my parents, english n flemish) and now im learning japanese and korean, but im not that good at all but ill keep studying and trying ^.^

  • I’m Egyptian and I only speak Arabic and English :/, but I am attempting Spanish which I just started pretty recently because we take french in my school (terrible at it.) the Moroccan was actually decently easy to pick up on other than the accent and the names. I used to think it was good that I was bilingual but some of my friends are in german or french schools so next to them I just feel like I don’t know much, wish me luck with Spanish
    Standard Arabic is taught in Egyptian schools as well but we all speak in Egyptian Arabic it is very awkward to use standard Arabic

  • 日本語一緒に話しましょう!!
    Let’s speak Japanese with me! I can help with your English 🙂

  • BAMN , When the video started I was hearing the Korean music? or was it Japanese music? I thought oh Wow! she is Asian, then you said the First Word and I was like… Arabic!! 10 points!! for me!!! hahahaha

  • Speaking six languages is a good thing because you have lots of opportunities I met many Moroccans that are fluent in French, arabic, amazigh/Berber, Spanish,and English

    I'm learning french and Arabic I hope to become fluent in them someday😊

  • First language: Urdu

    Me now: can't even pronounce words right and too embarrassed to speak her own freaking Language

  • Wow! Watching these types of language videos always inspire me to get back to practicing Italian…

  • Can you make a video about how you learn Korean. I am a beginner in that language. Can you tell us how to start and give us a couple of tips? And also the steps of learning a language. Thanks!

  • English is my first language but ever since i started learning korean i’ve literally been forgetting words in English lol xD

  • I'm 15 and I speak Portuguese (native) and English (fluent)
    And I'm learning Russian and french, but I'm focusing more on Russian )

  • You're so so amazing 🙁 I want to be multilingual too like you :(. You're so inspiring. I am fluent at Indonesia kind of good at English but I have to practice more for my grammar and vocabulary, and I'm starting to learning Dutch. It's hard but I want to learn it until I'm fluent and can speak with the natives.

  • I actually started to watch Korean drama from young age like 7 old,but now I’m more interesting 🙂 I become army in 2016 but I watch anime in 6 grade
    I’m 15 so i think I waste my time Just to make sure that I'm interested in these cultures , And do not forget the French language in fact my taste different from others, I am an Arab

  • I speak the most common language which is English😅 and I speak Arabic either. Arabic is my mother tongue 😁

  • YOU ARE SOO SWEET!! AND WHY ON EARTH ARE ALL MOROCCANS SO TALENTED??My moroccan friend can also sing and speak in six languages including chinese and Hindi, here is her video:

  • Hey, u awesome! BTW, that word that you just meant to say is "taught", but not "tHought" (notice the "h" letter). "Taught" is the past form of "teach", and "thought" is from "think", but I'm sure you know it 🙂

  • I speak 4 languages, English, Afrikaans, French and German and I’m fluent in 2. I’m only 15 though 😂

  • nein, warum kannst du nicht englisch sprechen, es ist mein zweite sprache. — what i said was why dont u speak german, its my second language after english obiously and i learned it in school and online

  • I'm still struggling with Korean I need to start speaking to people but I'm afraid they would expect me to be able to make tons of sentences help?

  • So I am 15 I only speak English, I have to take Spanish next year in school, but currenty I am learning Korean by myself. I definitely want to learn Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Spanish ( would be useful since it’s like the second language in America) and many others. I just think every language is so unique and sounds interesting and beautiful! Idk I just feel as if for some reason Asian languages are just so interesting to me❤️사랑해요

  • こにちあ Abir it's always a please to meet an other morrocan hyperpolyglot, je suis aussi marocain
    and i genuinely speak 8 languages :
    – Morrocan arabic
    – French
    – Arabic
    – English
    – Spanish
    – German
    -Japanese ( アニメ helps mais pour le parler couramment c'est autre chose haha )
    – Mandarin Chinese ( just started this past 3 months )

  • I'm 15 years old and I can speak Dutch, English, and German (not fully). Right now I'm learning French, Spanish and Farsi, but I want to speak a lot more languages such as Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and Italian.

  • Super pedantic, especially since I don't speak any other languages.
    But you're pronouncing 'T' in 'taught' with your tongue too far forward, and it's coming out as a hard 'th' sound.
    Your tongue shouldn't touch your teeth.

  • I know these languages:

    1. Kurdish
    2. Arabic (two dialects)
    3. English
    4. Just started Français

  • My first language is Arabic, I can speak English and a little of Turkish..also I'm trying to learn Italian very soon InshaAllah❤🥰

  • wait what you don't look like a moroccan girls i realy lose my shit lol and your English accent damn . tsdmt wlh xD

  • Hi im from Malaysia. I can speak 2 languages. English and Malay fluently. Et maintenant j'apprends la langue français depuis quatre mois tous les jours, parce que c'est une langue vraiment intéressant! J'éspérè que je peux parler beaucoup les langues comme toi. Was looking for some motivation because you do get tired when learning languages. Thanks for the motivation and being an inspiration 🙂

  • Morrocan arabic is very different from the standard arabic but I wouldn't consider it a whole different language. Being an arab myself I understood 60-70% of what you've said in morrocan even though I am not from there at all

  • I can speak English, Dutch and Lithuanian. Learning Korean myself and I get German, French and Chinese at school

  • Every araboc country has a local language. I'm from iraq and if i would speak my local language you wouldent ander stand but it dosnt mean that local iraqy and arabic are two differant languages 🙄

  • For whoever reads this, I know how to speak Spanish very well because it is my first language, but I am trying to improve my English. If you are interested, we can make a deal, you teach me to speak English fluently and I teach you how to speak Spanish. Thx

  • Le bes? Bkhir? I just visited al maghrib and loved learning as much as I did! Currently trying to learn more as I want to go back again soon!

  • thinking of learning japanese bc I have family there and itd be nice if I didnt rely on them for everything😂 wish me luck

  • Hai. Can u tell me how to learn languages cause I'm into it and now I'm learning Japanese not in school and in university I learn Arabic so can u gave me some tips on how I can gave time for this 2 separate language? 😂 and how I can make sure I stick to my studying methods? I usually translate everything and barely manage to revised them 😂

  • Pour te dire que le français est la langue la plus dure à apprendre je trouve que tu te débrouilles très bien

  • I looooove learning about people who know how to speak so many languages!!! I’m trying to teach myself Tagalog as an adult 😭 But you’re amazing and I adore your channel 🙂

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