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How To Learn Sign Language

How I Learned 5 Languages (with subtitles)

Hello,today I’m going to be telling you something I have never told anybody ever. All right, I’m just kidding
it’s not that personal. One thing that I have never discussed
on this channel before is languages which is really weird
because I do a lot of traveling I go to a lot of different countries
where they speak a lot of different languages and it’s something that
I’ve never discussed on this here before I don’t know why
but this is happening right now I think that most of you don’t know that I actually speak a number of different languages I am not completely fluent in these languages but I do them to the best of my ability I am not going to tell you what they are now but I will tell you what they are
and how I learned that language in the language I’m gonna start right now with the language
I’m speaking right now which is English. I learned English because I was born
and raised in Florida and they speak English there so… The next language
I’m going to speak is Spanish because my parents are cuban and I have always spoken Spanish ever since I was little, a baby. I’ve always spoken Spanish because I’m cuban. and well, I speak Spanish
because of my parents since I was a baby. when I was a baby
I was learning Spanish, English and French all at the same time because, well, now I’ll tell you why. I’ve spoken French since I was 3 years old because I had a private teacher since I was 3 years old. Neither my father or mother speak French. You can see that I need to practice but I have no one to practice with. Well, that isn’t true because I have some friends who speak a little French but I don’t know. I watch french films and well I practice my French when I watch these movies but there’s nobody who speaks French and I need to practice. but I speak French. I need stop doing that,
I keep hitting myself I have studied Japanese My Japanese is very basic. I like anime and J-pop. Boring. I am still learning Japanese so that was extremely basic but I’m learning on and off so I’m kind of teaching myself so when I have time then I’ll do it and then if I don’t have time
don’t just forget everything that I learned when I did have time. I studied Italian when I was in Italy. I studied opera when I was in Italy. I don’t Know anyone who speaks Italian. Those are all languages that I speak I am fluent in English, French and Spanish. My Italian is very beginners but I understand a lot of it because I did spend some time in Italy so I was able to pick it up there and because
I speak French, English and Spanish those three languages combined has helped me to be able
to understand Italian really well I just forget a lot of the vocabulary so I definitely don’t consider that
a fluent language as far as speaking but I can read it and I can listen to it and understand pretty much everything
that is going on. The Japanese thing is something that I’ve been doing on and off
for a few years now and I truly enjoy it. I hope to make more time for it so maybe I will make some more videos in the future talking about languages. If that is something
that you guys would like to see then please leave it
in the comments down below this is kind of like just a fun video
that I wanted to do. This video is shorter than normal but I kind of wanted to keep it short. You don’t know that whole side of me and I just I wanted to make this personal
and share this with you guys. Also, leave me a comment down below letting me know what languages you speak. Is it one? is it two? is it three? is it seven?
I want to know. If you enjoyed this video
then please give me a thumbs up to let me know upvote it if you are on vidme and definitely subscribe, follow me I am on twitter, facebook, instagram, vidme,
all of the things I am @REDROMINA That is it for this video,
I hope that you have enjoyed it I’m gonna go now. So I will see you when I see you, bye! Au revoir! Adios! Sayonara! Ciao! All right that’s enough. This video was made possible by my patrons over
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96 Replies to “How I Learned 5 Languages (with subtitles)”

  • Ton français est tout de même très bon!👌🏻😉 I speak french (which is my maternal language), english and I started learning spanish and arabic!

  • 私も日本語をべんきょうします!^.^ I speak English and German and I just started learning Mandarin a few weeks ago lol.

  • Yo hablo Español e Inglés. Me hubiera gustado tener la facilidad de poder hablar más ideomas pero no es una de mis abilidades. Lenguas no es mi fuerte.Japones, Francés, Mandarín son mis preferidos. En la próxima vida sera😄👍🏼

  • That's awesome! One of my goals is to be fluent in at least 5 languages. English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. I need to brush up on my Spanish since I hardly use it, and at the moment I'm learning French ☺️ I was wondering, do you use apps like Duolingo to learn/practice, or do you study using a different method?

  • Man, I knew you were Hispanic! Haha I could see it in your face XD You're beautiful and smart, I loved the video! ^^

  • I didn't know you were from Florida! I am from Florida and still have my home base here 😀 I love these kinds of videos, I know a little of 6 languages but I am only really fluent in English and Spanish.

  • On dit: " Je n'ai personne avec laquelle je peux… " On ne dit pas: Je n'ai rien " meaning: I have one with whom to practice. "

    💙✌️ LET'S BE FRIENDS: • • •

  • Posso parlare italiano, ma non tanto come ho fatto io. Posso leggere e scrivere in italiano meglio di quanto posso parlare ad alta voce.

  • I'm fluent in English, as that's my first language–although my first word was apparently a German one. (My maternal grandmother is German, and I spent a lot of time with her when I was a baby.) I've studied a number of other languages–French, Russian, Japanese, American Sign Language, Icelandic, Spanish, plus the aforementioned German–but I'm not really fluent in any of them. At this point, I can remember a handful of words and phrases from each one, but the only ones in which I can carry on a conversation are Italian and ASL (and even then, they have to be fairly basic conversations).

  • Well…I got a B for French in school. Forgotten most of it now. Can speak some Gujarati taught to me by some friends where I work…And I know some Thai from my Thai boxing years, such as counting 1 to 10 and terminology etc. I am fluent in bullshit tho! 😁 But all the above is true. Loved the vid!👍

  • Muy bien, muy bien, Romina, me ha gustado mucho verte hablando en español. Tienes un acento precioso, y ya ves que no se ha acabado el mundo, jejeje. Besos y mucha suerte. Ah, te diré que yo soy muy malo para los idiomas. Me siento estúpido hablando otras lenguas, pero sí es cierto que he cultivado mucho el castellano porque soy escritor y poeta. Estudié el inglés, el francés, el ruso y el euskera, pero hablo muy mal en todos ellos. Si tuviera que elegir uno de ellos, elijo el inglés. Aunque hubo un tiempo en que me divertía mucho hablando una mezcla de inglés con francés. Besos

  • Hello Romina! Good morning.

    This was a great, interesting video! You're so really smart. I'm hoping I can learn how to speak French, too. I also know how to speak Spanish. Nunca se me va a olvidar hablar español.

    Hey, would you also be interested in learning how to speak Russian, Arabic, or Portuguese, Romina?

  • This was such a cool video!!! I'm currently learning American Sign Language, but I do hope to learn foreign languages fluently in the future. My girlfriend takes spanish, my best friend got a national award for french, and some of my family speaks german. I hope I'll be able to be as talented as you some day

  • It was a little bit weird to realize you are Cuban, i couldn't have told that from hearing you speak English but it became obvious when you started speaking Spanish, maybe because Spanish is my mother language. btw nice video, I'm really new to this channel but I have liked all the vídeos I have seen in it until now.

  • Hi redRomina, after reading your comment on h3h3 i thought i'm looking at your youtube channel 🙂 I had planned to do a channel myself but somehow i feel like the guy from the movie It's a Wonderful Life who wants to travel the world but somehow there is always something more important to do.

    If you don't mind, i would like to share with you my view on you channel after watching about ten videos. It's nothing big, just my opinion and some advice – however don't listen to me, if you think i'm talking s**t. Anyway i wish you all the best luck for you channel! You at least have one subscriber more 🙂

    Your videos are well done – really very well done, you are doing great in presentation yourself and you do use all the call for action and are active on multiple platforms as well. This high quality i can imagine takes a lot of time to craft. I would may be reduce some of that to invest into the entertainment of the videos. Especially in comparison to h3h3 you are too normal i guess 🙂 Sometimes when you show your funny/crazyness potentials – that's so sweet and entertaining to watch. So what i would do is to work content-wise to add some more salt & pepper and spice it up. Another point is that sometimes i would appreciate some more context. For example, when i watch the 3 Minutes of Banff or the VR video i would love to hear more about what i'm currently looking at. You are very likeable to watch and to listen to. So i hope you can afford it to keep up with your passion for this channel and you have created something unique that you will always look back and appreciate every single video of!

  • Woah, I didn't know you knew all of those languages. Parlo anche un po 'italiano. Et j'ai étudié le français à l'école. Te felicito! … That's all I got.

  • Is it too difficult to learn Japanese? I mean all the others languages you speak are somewhat related, but I imagine japanese must be like starting from zero. Saludos y es genial que hables tantos idiomas, tienes un nuevo suscriptor.

  • Hablas español súper fluido Romina ❤️ pensaba que lo hablabas talvez un poco menos fluido no se porque 😂😂

  • I thought it was so fun when you used "gluggave(th)ur" as the first word in your video on Icelandic with Didda, because that is one of the few Icelandic words I know. I think "window-weather" is a great word! and I started using it last winter.
    I speak French moderately well; "j'habite á Paris quand j'avais cinq ans." French is the first language I wrote, but I write it badly because I never mastered the accents, the spellings, or the gendered nouns.
    I speak enough Spanish to get around "seguir la cuidad."
    I used to speak some Mohawk, and as a child in the Netherlands I spoke Dutch.

  • I studied Japanese on and off for a while too but now switched to studying Korean on and off haha I speak English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese

  • Just heard you say you like Anime and J-Pop while speaking IN Japanese…. That is NOT boring it's awesome and I wish I knew these facts when I meet ya at VidCon 😀 also I speak Español if you didn't already know lol

  • Ciao Romina, hai azzeccato i tempi verbali ed espresso i concetti in maniera chiara e corretta. Se questo è il tuo livello di Italiano "base", posso assicurarti che lo parli meglio di tantissimi stranieri che vivono in Italia da più di 10 anni, quindi complimenti !!! Saluti e baci da Padova (Italy) 😉

  • 退屈な doesn"t mean anything if you don't follow it up with something else like a noun. If you just wanna say "What I just said was boring, wasn't it?" you say 「つまらないね。」. In general つまらない is more often used to describe a situation whereas 退屈 rather describes a person or a specific thing. Or you can use it in reference to yourself, e.g. if you have nothing to do and feel bored. So basically when you're talking to yourself. Which is a good way of practicing so keep it up! 笑

    Oh, and just a heads up, I'm not a native speaker but I've been learning Japanese for about 5 years now and also lived in Japan for a while so… yeah, that's that. My mother tongue is Bavarian, my native language is German, I've been learning English for about 14 or 15 years now I guess and took Korean classes for a year in university. Although due to my Japanese studies I forgot almost all of it again… 아이고~ ㅠㅠ
    Español has been on my list of languages I want to learn for a long time now, even longer than Korean actually, but I just can't find any motivation to learn it…

  • No deja de sorprenderme ver latinos de segunda generación que sufren al hablar español, o algunos que ni lo pueden hablar. Sin ningún ánimo de ofender, es sólo una observación que evidencia la discrimación y el estigma del español en Estados Unidos. A seguir dándole a los idiomas! 🙂

  • Your Japanese is really good ^.^ Something that I have learned is that you can omit "私は" because it is implied when you're talking about yourself.

  • English and Spanish, i was learn spanish in Mexico, was studying there for three years… greetings from Portland!

  • Yo hablo Español e Inglés, pero se un poquito de Mandarin, Italiano, Portuguez, Frances, Japonés, Alemán, Finlandés, árabe, pero no lo suficiente para mantener una conversación, yo creo que en este mundo, sobre todo ahora, es importante saber mas de un idioma, mientras mas sepas mejor

  • My native language is Arabic
    My second language is English
    I am learning Japanese and I know some Korean but still beginner

  • Well, I'm fluent in Malay (mother tongue) and English. And basically if you speak Malay, Indonesian would be a piece of cake because these two languages are very similar. So I'd say I'm fluent in 3 languages, although I don't practice Indonesian much. Annndd I'm planning on learning other languages too, like Arabic, I already have some basics form primary school but it wasn't my best subject (I usually got a C or D, yikes!) Then, I wanna learn Korean, in which also, I have learned the basics. And finally, Russian 😀 I took an interest in Russian pretty recently so I don't know much but I've learned a bit. So yeah. That's just it :))

  • I am 14 years old and I was born in America but raised in Brazil, so my first language is Portuguese. These past two years I've been learning Spanish and obviously English, since I now live in America again. I'm fluent in English and Portuguese, I am intermediate in Spanish and I just started to learn ASL (American Sign Language- yes it is considered a language). I plan to learn more Spanish and hopefully get really good at it, and definitely to become fluent in ASL. I'd also love to learn French, but I've got to take one step at a time.

  • I speak Spanish, English, and lil bit of French. You should do a video from France. Show us the Culture, the Food, History, and of course the Sites.

  • For me is viceversa: because I speakfluent Italian, English and Romanian, I understand French and Portuguese. I'm currently learning French and German. Thank you very much for this video

  • I am almost fully fluent in english, i know a lot of polish, i can understand czech, i also do slavic languages, i can speak a bit of japanese, a bit of hindi, and all other languages i am just learning (i want to speak every single language)

  • Me gusta me gusta cuándo hablas en español. Jajaja me agradas cuándo hablas español Cubano, casi no se te nota que eres de EE.UU. Un saludo desde Colombia 😊. También estoy en básico en Francés e Inglés.

  • You are from florida so have u been there on august 26 2016 because a diamond meteor landed in florida called 2yx lutnazga

  • Hi Romina, I am very impressed by your travels, interesting videos and now language skills. I can speak English, Spanish, Malaysian, Indonesian and a touch of French. I learned them mostly when living overseas and immersing myself in their culture. Meeting new friends who don't speak English and watching movies in the local language helped me. I'd like to learn a little German, Mandarin, Portuguese and Arabic.

  • Hello my friend,
    am Chenelle from Akron Ohio here in the US. I can speak English in Spanish I am currently learning French Italian and Dutch and I also speak Russian as well. I want to learn Japanese Chinese Swedish and Egyptian Arabic at some point. But I come from a theater background any film background and I have my TFL certification to teach business English in English for young learners as well. I liked your video I can understand your Spanish French and Italian your Japanese wasn’t bad. I’m visually impaired, African-American and 41 years old with a yellow Labrador retrieverNamed B oh in oh he’s my guy dog we been a team for four years now. I would love to see you make some more videos. Good luck on your Japanese and Italian morning I too can understand if you’re not very well because I took six semesters of Spanish at Kent State University over 18 years ago it’s nice to meet you

  • I can speak 3 languages and I can understand a bit of French.. but I want to learn Japanese so badlyyyy

  • Well, I speak English at a native level, Español en un nivel nativo porque soy boricua, un peu de français parce que j’étudie le français à l’école


  • Hablo español porque soy mexicano, I speak english because I was taught at school, je parle un peau de français parce que mon professeur de français est d'Haiti, en ik sprek een beetje nederlands want ik hou van taalen leren, zo ik dacht: "ik zal nederlands bij mijn huise leren"…

  • My mother tongue is German. I also speak Spanish pretty well. I started to learn it in university and now my husband is from Chile, that means, I can practice it every day although we are living in Germany. That's cool. And well, English, more or less, but I lost a lot of words while studying Spanish.

  • Hi!! I'm Brazilian and I speak Portuguese, of course, but I can read some texts and watch some videos in English too!
    Oh, my French is extremally basic!!

  • Since I'm 13, I'm trying to really get into language learning while I'm still young. Currently I am at a beginner level of Mandarin, my goal is to be able to listen and speak comfortably.

  • Japanese sentence structure seems so complex, I remember when I used to want to learn japanese for anime. I don't know what happened, but Im not as interested in it as much anymore. As of now, I am just sticking with learning Mandarin 😊

  • Hi, Romina. You’re brilliant to speak five languages. I wish I could speak French like you. I speak only two languages: Japanese(my mother tongue) and English, and I studied French and Russian at university. Also, as I said the other day, I’m learning Icelandic these days. Are you still going on learning Icelandic?

  • You are gorgeous! Love your hairstyle! I speak Swissgerman, German, Englisch(almost fluent), French(not fluid but I understand a lot cause in Switzerland we have to learn it), and a little bit Japanese(because of the same reasons as you, I want to learn it). Some Spanish also because it's a latin language and I like it 🙂 Also I understand some Italian because I'm italian and well…

  • I speak bad spanish and I'm trying to learn Italian as well as Portuguese so I can do more traveling with the show. Thanks for the inspiration! Do you use apps like duolingo or anything like that? I'd like to step up in the next few months.

  • when you watch those tvshows/movies in a foreign language, do you use that languages subtitles or english subtitles?

  • english is my native
    I am trying to learn Spanish im at a basic level
    japanese is next then

    I want to be a polyglot

  • I love hearing all sorts of native languages, it's like art/music in my eyes. Try writing sentences in Ethiopian, Chinese, Korean, Afrikaans, etc. SSOO EYE CATCHING and authentic/natural!

    Hebrew is my interest so far 😎

  • Wow that's cool you speak 5 languages. I speak only english at present time but I would love to learn Spanish as my family on my mother's side are latin & some of them speak spanish so it would be cool to learn to speak Spanish so that I can communicate better in general but also to communicate better with my cousins, & I would like to learn other languages as well. It's wonderful to have the ability to communicate in multiple language's 🙂

  • Jokes on you, i live in a country where everybody knows at least 5/6 languages. 4 of them are even our offical country language 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

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