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How To Learn Sign Language

How I Can Assume What My Deaf Boyfriend is Saying

[Music] Hey guys, it’s Sign Duo here and we got an interesting question from Copa Apfa she asked us how do we understand each other even though we don’t directly look at each other signing E: aw Java it’s okay Hey guys, so I was editing the video and guess what the start of the video is missing I don’t know what happened to the file. The simple answer is that I understand your signs because I can see them in the peripheral vision That’s true But a more complex answer is that there’s more to understanding for us to understand each other than just sign language Car battery died but guess what Java moved more comfortable now When we first met I didn’t know, I knew zero sign language so we really relied on Writing On writing yes, but when it was like face to it you know, in person communication and we I felt like I really relied on eye contact and body language more than sign language, so I had to kind of learn your tendencies and R: that’s true E: how Your kind of vocabulary Like what you really meant with your facial expressions your body language and kind of learn that language first and then sign language really helped to like clarify R: that’s a good point E: and have more complex conversations But that initial way of communicating body language facial expressions that really lasted through our relationship and we’ve been using it in combination with sign language. Oh, another thing is reading lips, too. Yes, because remember she didn’t know sign language we would write or she would try to talk to me and I would try to read lips. so that I got used to her lips shape tendencies like she said you kind of memorize what that person typically says for example, this morning I was like, “coffee” but she knows I mean coffee can you make me coffee now same thing but in language like with the hearing world too you know if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, you’re hearing you know what your partner will say in an argument or a conversation you know right? same thing in sign language Yeah, you can just learn that person’s habits and tendencies clear with other deaf people or other people who know sign language I don’t just look at their eyes. I look at the signs sometimes too because I’m not used to that person’s vocabulary or language development not used to it I make sure, “Oh, that’s what you mean, okay.” because there are multiples signs
in sign language that have multiple words meaning like for example run Can mean Run (mobile run) sign for me E: run (mobile) R: run (working) E: run (working) E: run(mobile), run(working) different R: run (manage) E: run(manage) they’re different some people have the capability to move their lips
like me because I have oral training speech practice so when I was growing up I had that opportunity to learn how mouth words luckily I can use that now so thats why in videos I mouth a lot so people can understand better because some deaf or some people who sign won’t be able to mouth as clear must have to look at the signs sometimes I think it’s just there’s there’s a lot of different ways of communicating and signing, just signing is not the only one and everyone’s different on how, how much they use different ways of communicating. A lot of people think learning sign language means learning signs and yes, that’s a big part of it but another part a lot of hearing people forget and I’ve experienced that people just are so focused on the signs. They forget about eye contact, they forget about they forget to learn body language I have a big example sorry to interrupt but as the same example as run(manage) run(working), right, okay now I’ll explain, run(manage) could mean run(manage) nice run I run or could mean I run(manage) this I run that means, “oh, he’s the boss. He runs this He’s mad Facial expressions are very important body language, very important. Why? Because deaf don’t have that ability to use tone in their voice tone right? E: Mm-hmm R: Can you explain about that? it just reminds me of what we like, argued about before R: what are you talking about? so I was um I forgot, it was that is early morning and Ryan. Oh, no what? R: I don’t remember We were about to go to I was asleep and Ryan was up and you were making some noise and you woke me up and I woke up like, like this (with this facial expression) I was like, what are you doing? Can you turn off the light? but to me, I my tone my tone of voice was very like, hey, can you turn off the light, you know, please? but my facial expression was very angry because I just woke up. So he thought I was yelling at him and then he was like, “why are you getting so mad?” calm down Like” I’m not mad” “You’re mad, why are you so mad?!” her facial expressions was mad ohhh, no no no E: Yeah no no no She was tired and wanted to go back to sleep I saw her sign please, then I understood I turned the light off E:yeah R: Oops, off So facial expressions super important That’s one reason why we really try to make eye contact and focus on face because we already know our vocabulary we already know what tendencies, say, so now we care less about the words and more about what the meaning behind that word And we can understand each other even though we don’t directly look at our signs Why? Because we have so much practice so much practice. I understand the way he communicates he understands the way I communicate and we also changed the way ourselves communicate to to make it more more likely? more like likely? what’s the sign? likely? more Probable. Oh R: More capable Yeah, more probable that he will You’ll understand me and vice-versa, too Yes, most interpreters I know tend to show up early. Like 15 minutes early, why? Because they try to deaf client Try to talk, not have to be serious talk “How was your day?” “What did you do?” Whatever So they can see, “Oh, that’s his language vocabulary, that’s his facial expressions ok I know, now I’m ready for the class to start or whatever assignment starts then they are ready to interpret or whatever *sneeze* E: you okay E: aw Even I have problems with understanding deaf people sometimes I just look at the signs and I’m like, ” What sign is that?” because my vocabulary is probably different than that person’s vocabulary because understand all language is different education is different I’m like what’s that sign? I look at the mouth or facial expressions, then oh thats what that sign means, oh correlate it with body language, facial expressions Before when we like the early time we were dating I learned how you signed? And I was I thought I understand sign language. I know I can like, I know ASL I could become an interpreter but I had an experience that really just humbled me and R: Oh, I know what you’re talking about, I know what youre talking about E: Just you know, I had to step back and think about it If you guys want to know what that experience was give this video a like and I will make, we’ll make that video later and I’ll explain what happened so I guess we can kind of Read each other’s mind Keep in mind we’ve been together 8 years And we met when we were young too So we were still learning and you know young minds are easy to like absorb information. So, it was like a natural process for us to learn to communicate I basically been there since she was 14 years old I know who she is later if you meet later in life, it’s harder for sure because that person can go through a lot of changes but we been together even before anything changed we were together in high school where it was stable so we learned more about each other without external pressures E: influence R: nothing E: judgements just you, me, directly Yeah, and I think that’s important for any of you guys wanting to learn sign language remember, it’s not always about about the signs themselves. It’s about communicating and trying to you know work with that person you’re trying to communicate with and see if any way body language, reading lips, eye contact facial expressions and sign language – so just remember that It’s really important for you to gauge E:yes when you talk to that person what’s best way for you two to communicate successfully really thats all it is so we read each other’s minds because we’re together Thank you guys so much for watching this video if you’re not subscribed don’t forget(signed remember) don’t remember don’t forget to subscribe, and we’ll see you guys next time. love you. Bye Sign Trio OUT Your deserve to go to the dog park She is a strange dog. She actually sleeps in until 12 o’clock or one o’clock so she’s still tired I tried to wake her up and she was still sleeping

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  • I love watching your videos! I want to know how you finger spell so fast and how you can read finger spelling so fast?! I know when it's all day every day you get really good but it still baffles me because I am a terrible speller lol!

  • Sometimes my best friend goes mute for a bit when she gets overwhelmed by emotions (she’s autistic) but since we’ve known each other for almost 4 years now and lived together etc. most of the time she can communicate with me just by vaguely gesturing and me reading her body language and facial expressions. She also types things sometimes if its a more complicated thought and we both know a little sign language like the alphabet and a few scattered words and phrases and that helps but a lot of the time we don’t need that because of how well we know each other. I keep being surprised by how easy it is to communicate with her when that happens. But its true that when you know someone well, a lot of times you don’t need words to know what they are trying to say or you only need one or two words to know what the rest of the sentence is

  • I’m so glad I found this channel! I would love to learn more sign language and this helps so much! Thank you thank you!

  • You both are an inspiration. I would love to pursue someone who is deaf but I’m afraid. Watching this video gives me hope.

  • Please tell the story Ellen.. I'm trying to become an interpreter and I realize more and more that it'll be kind of difficult, so I'm trying to know as much as possible before I go to college for it

  • Hello the cute couple! I strongly agree with Ryan & of course both of you guys. You guys are doing great in relationship. I am proud of you all. Happy Holidays with Love & Joy! 🤟 Christy

  • Hi!! I’m a kindergarten teacher and my kids are learning how to sign the songs Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Silent Night to perform at our Christmas program along with our other songs. They are loving it and having so much fun learning the signs! Love your channel!!

  • Really interesting video,you guys are really great teachers. It’s nice to have both of your perspectives. Thanks for sharing with us 😺👏🏼

  • you know how you hum and you can hear yourself in you head. would he be able to hear that??? i feel like this is a stupid question ahahha

  • I’m trying to learn sign language and do you guys have any tips on how to memorize them there are soooo many and when you just start learning it’s like oml how will I learn. I have been doing this for about four months and it’s crazy how much just watching a video can help so thank you guys for making videos and helping other people learn

  • Thank you for another great video. I gave it a like because it was very interesting and I want to hear about the humbling experience that was mentioned. I also had a question about whether you two go out to the movies. I know some theaters have devices which show the dialogue on a little screen. Is that something you use or do both prefer to just watch movies at home with the closed captions on?

  • I am happy you made this video. Even though this was to answer a question someone else asked, but you also answered the question I asked from your last video. Thank you and your dog is so cute.

  • Hii I like your videos a lot, I have a question, the sign language is the same in for example English, Spanish, or others. Or sign language in English is different from other places ? Thankss

  • When you sign “me” or “I” when referring to yourself, are you supposed to place your palm on your chest, or point to yourself with your pointer finger? Similarly, when you sign “you”, do you use an open hand and face your open palm towards the other person or do are you supposed to point? Just confused on that. Hope they made sense. Love your videos!

  • I took an ASL course in college around 2 years ago and so I know quite a bit of sign, however I recently had one of my fingers fully amputated for a medical purpose. I'm curious if my signing wouldn't make sense because I'm missing my middle finger? I'm used to spelling with my other hand but for general signs idk if it would be strange for a deaf person to read or not.

  • Look forward to watching the video about that "humbling experience" you mentioned!
    Thanks for your channel, I love it so much!

  • Such a great conversation about communication in relationships. I think I get tons of important things from all of your videos and this one did not disappoint. ❤️

  • i met a boy who’s deaf at my school and i’ve seen him around a lot with his translator and today i actually signed with him and had a conversation! i used to watch you guys a lot and learned a lot from you both and i’m happy that after like over two years of watching signduo and four years of learning i was finally able to hold a conversation and actually sign with someone!! it was so exciting and i just wanted to share with you guys 🙂

  • @ Ellen, as you were learning sign language was it difficult for you at first to read his signs quickly or was it easy for you? I am learning ASL right now but find it very challenging to follow when people sign quickly. Is this something I can get better at? Making my brain pick up signs faster and moving onto the next sign?

  • I love sign language. I’m gonna pick it up!! Again I miss it. And I sign with my friends but not fluent like I was before but I’m definitely gonna get back Into it!! Love you guys 🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿🤟🏿

  • So curious on that experience you’re talking about! I definitely learned a lot watching this, it’s not only about the signs but more of everything put together!! Love you guys xx

  • I got yelled at by one of my friends the other day that I “didn’t actually know sign language and was faking it” because I didn’t understand one sign they did, so I’m just gonna go ahead and send them a clip of Ryan saying that everyones sign vocab is different! 😂

  • Yes!! Please make that video that you mention at 10:20. You both are so motivating and inspiring for others who also want to learn ASL. I’ve been debating on whether or not I want to take ASL classes at my local university, but watching your videos make me feel like I really need to! My partner and I are both hearing and we want to learn ASL together so that we can communicate with those who may need someone to communicate to in times of an emergency, etc. thank you for creating this channel, and keep up the awesome content!!

  • I noticed at the beginning that she (sorry…forgot your name) signs "we" but voices "eachother" two times, at different times. Ryan, you're slacking, man! ;D

  • You guys are such a great example of what a great resource youtube is!! These videos are so enriching beyond just learning signs! And again there is miss java being the most adorable 🐶

  • As a person who doesn't know ASL, I wonder how much of your communication is actual signs vs. general on the spot gestures?

  • I have known how to finger spell since I was young and took sign language in hs as well as 2 years of asl in college I wish I had more opportunities to practice and use what I know I am very slow at reading finger spelling even though I have know it for cough cough over 25 years (I know I'm old😜) I love that I am able to watch y'all sign and at least see it on a regular basis to keep it fresh in my mind. I actually live 10 min from ncsd (North Carolina school for the deaf) so we have a larger deaf population but it is still rare that I actually get to use sign.

  • Great point about facial expressions being kind of an equivalent of tone. Body language is 70% of communication they say. Very interesting. 💛

  • when youre not filming, do you sign differently to ryan? because you are usually just signing along to what youre saying in videos and actual asl grammar can be a little different

  • I watch the videos without captions, and can maybe only pick up 30% of what Ryan is saying? Once in a while I get this moment of clarity when I can pick up a WHOLE SENTENCE 😀 but most of the time I pick up fragments of sentences, or I will recognize a string of signs, get excited, and then miss the rest of the message because I got distracted.

    Little by little, I'll get there 🙂
    Keep up the great videos, you two!

  • Just noticed that I can understand what Ryan saying just looking at his lips movement (like lipreading) and even(sometimes) hear his voice (even if he's not speaking, just the way he using his lips, air noises???), so when I'm reading subtitles and looking at his lips at the same time and it just complete his speech perfectly. I'm not the only one?
    (I hope you understand)
    Love you guys, and so proud of you two. Keep going!

  • 10:12 I really believe you should let us indicate such things in the comments, because…what if our answer to something is no, but we still like your video? Btw. yes, please.

  • awww
    did you know that when your dog yawns right after you yawn
    it means that they are bonded to you? ☺️💗
    love you both and hope you have an amazing new year!

  • I'd assume if a hearing aid would give him hearing, then he'd have one. But he doesn't, so I can assume a hearing aid would not give him hearing. why is this?

  • I have a two part question. Ryan, are you able to interpret body language better than a hearing person? Also as a couple do you fight less than a hearing couple because signing takes more thought and consideration than just blurting something out.

  • How is that dog doing? Our puppy is 14 weeks today..our puppy has hearing issues…and its a HUGE problem, only because of his size. Archer is a great pyrenees and is already bigger than a retriever.

  • Okay I'm in ASL two next semester and my professor has drilled into us that speaking in front of a deaf person is incredibly rude and you shouldn't do it unless you absolutely have to so I'm wondering what is Ryan's take on that. Ellen talks a lot in the videos to help us as hearing viewers but it makes me wonder; is it irritating for Ryan or does he not even care? If someone new to signing were to sign and speak at the same time like in a store is that helpful for him or is distracting?

  • So I have a question for you two. How does someone sign correctly if their hands aren't very dexterous? Like some one with arthritis.

  • ive always wanted to learn sign language but have had no one to teach me and some courses are too expensive, do you have any recommendations? and I have learned a lot from your videos so thank you 🙂

  • 9:11 i've seen somewhere that non-hearing people don't always make the atchhh sound when they sneeze and that the atchhh was a social construct, is there any reliability to this ?

  • I love love love all of y’all’s videos!! I’m in ASL 1 this year & it’s super important for people to bring up things like this so I’m not always so focused on “trying to get the signs correct” 🙂 Can’t wait time binge every single future vid☺️

  • I am so glad one of your videos was on my recommended videos list. I had forgotten why I loved learning sign language in high school. Thank you , both of you so much. I am going to start to relearn sign language now because y'all reminded me how much I love ASL.

  • Hi 👋🏻 from 🇬🇧
    I totally agree about not able to understand other Deaf person signing as we, in 🇬🇧 there’s lots of regional accents so therefore we have regional signs. (I’m Deaf btw)
    Java’s gorgeous🌸

  • Hi, firstly love the videos and appreciate the time put into the captions, can Ryan hear at all, specifically music, does he feel left out if you were to listen to music and sing and he has to sit, I hope that doesn’t come across wrong genuinely curious x

  • Facial expressions were the most important part of ASL classes when I took a few many years ago. As a hard of hearing person myself (who didn’t grow up signing) reading lips, body language and facial expressions are much more important than the actual words one speaks.
    As a side note, if I watch your videos just before bed, like I am tonight, I end up signing in all my dreams! Love that! Lol G’night all!

  • How is signing in a group with other deaf people? How do you pay attention or see what everyone else is saying if there are multiple people talking/signing at once?

  • I just finished my final exams for the semester and now I'm binge-watching your videos! I'm taking an ASL class outside of school and your videos are helping me a lot. Plus you guys are a super cute and entertaining couple 🙂 Great work! Just subbed

  • I think you guys are absolute GOALS!! You guys also have a lot of really good tips even for both hearing couples 🙂 I also have a question for Ryan, why is it when you sign, you move your mouth and click your tongue? Is it out of habit?

  • Ryan- do you feel like you have to have a different personality when you are with hearing people from when you are with deaf people? (like to fit in?)

  • I know that this is HIGHKEY un-relatable to all my deaf and hard of hearing peeps but y’all’s videos are straight up ASMR. (Sounds that are nice and pleasing, kinda like the sound equivalent of feeling a soft blanket or popping bubble wrap!)

  • Why did I just find this channel randomly? Why didn’t I find it sooner? In the few hours I’ve been catching up on their lives, the dog has grown. I’ve learned ways that could end fights for any relationship I have, and I am happy they have been together for so long. So many questions and thoughts with this channel ❤️

  • I lost 3 limbs, hearing and 1 eye due to an IED in Iraq in 2005. I hope yall the best. I'm still learning alot because I have a bad anger management prob. Would be nice if you wrote what yall are signing..

  • My deaf professor in ASL class told us it’s rude to be looking at their hands instead of their eyes. I always wondered how I was gonna be able to know what they’re saying if I can’t take my eyes off them. But this makes perfect sense ☺️👍🏼

  • Question for Ryan: are you ever scared because of your deafness? Or have you before? For example, while driving a car you can’t hear what is happening around you.

    And I’m in love with your videos😍 It’s very interesting to hear how you communicate with each other. You are such a cute couple😍😍

  • I have a question. When Ryan reads, does he “hear” the words in his head like a hearing person does? Not all the time, of course.. we look at words all day and don’t “hear” them, but for example when you’re reading a fiction novel and the narration is in your head.

  • Ryan- have you ever met a deaf person you didn’t like?

    Would also love to see a Q&A with your mom. ✨✨ have a blessed day

  • You guys are the cutest couple! I love you guys! I love that you spread awareness about deaf culture and using sign language. Sometimes I use these videos to learn ASL. You guys have inspired me to try and learn ASL so that I can be an interpreter or just to communicate with someone who is deaf/mute.

  • I’ve been watching a couple vids lately on hearing people being given their name signs and how theyre supposed to be given by a deaf/HOH person. Is this true and why is it so important for it to be given my a deaf/HOH person?

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