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How To Learn Sign Language


hi this is Susan Brodar from SPEAK
Languages and TRAVEL the World what’s the best way to learn a language well
how do children learn a language I’m here in an international campsite in
Croatia on holiday watching children and listening how to how they interact there
are children from Germany from Italy from Croatia from all over the world and
they’re all talking to each other and playing with each other how do they do
that well they listen to each other and repeat that’s how they also learn their
own language when children are born they grow up listening to their parents and
to their friends for about two years before they actually start repeating and
then they start saying words and sentences and they don’t study grammar
they don’t study how to read or write until they’re much older but they have
an enthusiasm for copying what the others say copying the good language and
the bad language so what’s the easiest way to learn a language listen listen
listen listen and repeat even if you don’t understand listen and repeat
slowly you’ll pick it up you’ll understand from context and you’ll be
able to use the language correctly without studying the grammar and you’ll
be able to pronounce it correctly if you’ve been copying the pronunciation
you hear so listen and repeat mental listening comes way before
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