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How Deaf People Wait For The Mailman (American Sign Language Vlog) | Rikki Poynter

[pencil writing sounds] [Pokemon game sound] A package is coming today. Oh, I have to sign it… Where is he? I really need to pee… But what if I miss him? But I can’t pee myself… Ugh, whatever. Oh, come on. Really?! You’re being filmed. What are you doing? Yes, go away now. Thank you!

67 Replies to “How Deaf People Wait For The Mailman (American Sign Language Vlog) | Rikki Poynter”

  • I'm learning Auslan and while I read the captions sometimes I automatically translate your signs when you've done something we use here, so in this video there was a random "N" and "What?"

  • oh man…. See this is why i love my dog. Not trained to but every time someone knocks on the door she stands in front of me and spins in a circle and runs to the door and does it again. Its adorable and helpful =)

  • Spooky, I kept thinking there should at least be ambient sounds of nature and birds but then I realise that's not how it works.

    also I think this applies to near enough everyone anyway :v

  • I do that too. I sit in the living room or my bedroom with windows screen open to see the package delivery person coming. I check my package tracking lots also.

  • Picks up giant bottle of applejuice. Drinks
    That's how you wait for the mailman, kids!

    (Don't know why, but that scene made me laugh so hard. Also, your Pokemon plushies collection is quite impressive.)

  • What you could do is hook the doorbell up to lights in every room of the house. So when someone rings the bell the lights go on and off. Just a suggestion.

  • I frew up with these coke-glasses (like on your nightstand in the first scene) thanks for the ride down memory lane 🙂

  • I just had a thought watching this. Do deaf people talk to themselves? Do they sign to themselves as you acted-out in the video?

  • Our UPS/USPS folks never knock or ring the bell anyways.
    We have to stare out the window and watch for them like we're some kind of stalker.

  • I'm just scared of the Postman, That's probably cause I'm autistic but yeh if he rings the bell I just jump and hide and have a panic attack, Im only 14 though so

  • I have missed Package delivery, by logged its time about 1230. So I know what's time coming tomorrow. Little hard when you're live in Condo, best thing is to send it to your friend or relative as house sitting.

  • Can you leave a note with your signature on it taped to the door? I used to do that at my old apartment building when the delivery people couldn't get past the security gate.

  • Your cat is beautiful! He looks just like a cat I used to have, RIP Shadow. I hope you can find someone to hook up your doorbell.

  • I did this last week. literally set up my laptop in front of the door so I could see him. didn't end up needing a signature -.-

  • I did this last week. literally set up my laptop in front of the door so I could see him. didn't end up needing a signature -.-

  • Oh, I definitely identify! I try to be in the kitchen near the door the postie will come to and if not, I'm constantly checking for the car to enter our driveway. Sometimes I just plain miss the arrival and have to drive to the post office – not 1,000 miles away,thank goodness – but as long as I get my comics and stuff, I'm happy. If my spouse or daughter are home, they can hear the knock on the door. Sometimes the cats let me know there's someone, sometimes not.That is a mighty big cat that shares its' bed with you! 😀

  • I get so much anxiety when I see someone I don't know walking up to the front door. Most of the time I'm home alone so I am just hiding from them. A cop once knocked on the door while I was home alone and I was hiding in the closet so I just screamed "come in!" Apparently they wanted to ask if anyone saw suspicious activity. What's more suspicious than a teenage girl hiding from the cops?

  • i once had the same problem 🙂 it doesn't matter if you are not hearing or hearing. sometimes i think they got a training to ring the bell in the best unpropitious time.

  • Wow, that's a biiig cat. 🙂 Totally understand your predicament, as I've had to hang around my door for fear of missing a delivery because I'm deaf! It's not fun.

  • that always happens to me. one point i was on postman watch, 4 hours until i realised they had a tracker… complete waste of my day. #deafproblems

  • omg that CAT is so large and majestic!!!
    ahem, anyway, this was hilarious. they ALWAYS come right when you leave for 3 seconds. :/ always.

  • not sure if its the same in America, but here in Australia you can leave a sign on your door saying "okay to ATL" (authority to leave), and they'll generally leave the package for you…

  • I constantly looks at the shipping time on app, at the service's website like or and if it says it's coming at 11 then I put a old iPhone of mine there to facetime the front door while I watch from my current iPhone lol!

  • Wow I had never thought of this. There has to be a better way for them to deliver mail to people who are deaf or HOH. You mentioned accessible door bells. I assume those have lights or something.
    Also the transcript was super helpful for those of us that are print disabled. Thankies.

  • LOL oh gosh, this made me have a flashback to when I was in college over 10 years ago. I used to live in an apt outside college campus. I expected a package from UPS and I remember that I wasn't watching then when I saw the truck drive away, I was like oh, crap! So, I actually ran outside and saw the truck go to the apt area across the street so I got in my car just to drive over to get my package! LOL … yep. Right now, I got the dogs, my hearing hubby, and the large package lockers in our neighborhood. I love that because i don't have to miss my package and the extra security so it doesn't get stolen.

  • Even if you can hear the doorbell it feels like you only get seconds to get to the door before they leave a card.

    I like DPD over here in Euroland. They give you an one hour delivery slot, which is pretty accurate. They even let you track the delivery van and tell you the driver's name. Freaks them out when you answer the door and say "Hi, $name".

  • This video inspired me to have a couple dumb outsider questions. I hope nobody minds me asking them here:
    1). Is there a reason to prefer capitalizing the word "Deaf"? Does it carry a different meaning when capitalized than when it's written in lower case?
    2). Do Deaf folk sign to themselves in real life, in a way that's analogous to the way hearing folk talk to themselves?


  • Wow, such a basic/normal thing about life can be so different to someone else and end up wasting their whole day. This video was really help me realize about that and experience what you (and other deaf people) have to go through only because of getting the mail💜

  • In reference to the bloopers:
    Decides to make a video showing how d/Deaf/HOH wait for the mailman
    Cat: NOPE! We're going to lay in bed. You're going to pet me and your just going to have to deal with it!

  • Wait I have a question for you deaf/hard of hearing people. Do you sign to yourself like how us hearing people talk to ourselves?

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