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Honor 9 Lite New Gestures and features Update 2019

What’s up guys my name is Azeem and I’m back here with another new video and Today’s video is not going to be about any tech review or a unboxing video. Yes guys into this video I’m going to show you some new cool updates from huawei for your honor 9 lite device Yes, this video is just for the all the nine life smartphone users So how Bobby has set some new updates? These are really full of tears. And in this video. I am going to show them all to you so First of all the settings. Let me show you that What are the updates? So I have already installed it it’s size is about 591 MB and You can see the first update is here system navigation It says that adds gestures to the system navigation options So let’s check out this So first of all, you will have to go to the system navigation as you can see in the system settings here you got your system navigation settings and Here are three options. But before the update you was only able to see two options Navigation bar and navigation dock and this third option has been added now after the update installing So what is this? Let me show you this. First of all, you will have to turn it on and then go to settings Here you can see that these are our gestures like iPhone tennis and tennis Macs and iPhone 10 Home button, it works actually like them so Let me show you that how it works If you will swipe from right or at the from left, it will take you to the back you can see I’m swapping from both the side and it is going back so And if you want to go to home Then you can simply swipe from the bottom to up like this and it will take you to the home page and if you want to check the recent tasks on your smartphone then just swipe from the bottom to up and Hold it like this and here are also Little videos of these updates by which you can understand easily And you can see in the dash settings If you want to download that google app Then you can just swipe from the right or left side at the bottom and you can see I am swiping up and a little icon shows and when I did leave the Touchscreen then it opens the Google app So these are really the cool features and it helps a lot in navigation system So after that here we have the Second update is about the camera in that camera app They have added some gif effects and text stickers now. Let me show you them So as you can see that I have turned on my front-facing camera and If I go to the AR lens options Then you can see that here we have this gif option So first before the update, it was not here and now it has been added By this you can create emojis. Let me show you that how you can create it As you can see that Here I am recording it Is not recording because I have plugged in my tip my microphones So therefore it is not recording the video You know that what is gif means in actual you can search it on google So you can make easily gif videos on it And after that here we have the third update that is about screen recording That is I am actually doing right now and you can see that it is a default screen. You gotta know who are they on the line light and Here is the screen recorder then you take the shuttle from upside down You can see here. We have the screen recorder and what they added to this option they added the microphones option now you can select at the to use inbuilt microphone of smartphone or to use an external microphone or none of these And after that here, we have the fourth update that is about the apps performance They say that they have improved the launch speed of certain mainstream apps and This is also a good option And after that here, we have the fifth option fifth update that is third stuff fixed four digit and six digit screen pin Let me show you that what they have added poor digit option here. You can see set a six digit or four digit PIN So this is also a good step in improving the security performance After that here, we have the last update that is about the security patch And they said that it integrates Google security patches released in December 2018. Yes now your own online eye device will have Security patch of the summer 2018. That is the latest security patch from Huawei So that were all the cool updates of all the nine light that I received on 7th, January 2019 so, I hope that you enjoyed the video if you enjoyed the video, please hit that like button and Don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and also share this video with your friends and family

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