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Holiday Jelly Bean Taste Test ┃ASL Stew Life

[Jill] Hello, welcome I’m Jill… [Jenna] and I’m Jenna. [Jill] This is ASL Stew Life! (music) [Jenna] Okay, today we thought we’d do a challenge. Not really a challenge. More like a taste test. So we noticed they had holiday collections for jelly beans like so. They have egg nog, candy cane, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and hot chocolate. They all should be… relatively good.
Some I don’t like. Cranberry sauce, I don’t like that. [Jill] Egg nog is gross. [Jenna] So, we’ll see if they’re good or if they’re awful. I don’t know we’ll see. So, let’s go ahead and do the taste test!
Okay. [Jill] Okay, first one is Hot Chocolate. [Jenna] Yeah, I’m typically not too crazy about chocolate but we’ll see. [Jill] I think it will be good.
(bell ding) [Jenna] Tastes like chocolate.
[Jill] Yeah just tastes like chocolate. I like it. I wouldn’t buy it itself, but I like it. [Jenna] Now is egg nog! (bell ding) [Jenna] I like it. [Jill] I DO NOT like it. [Jenna] It doesn’t… it doesn’t really taste like egg nog. [Jill] Next is pumpkin pie.
[Jenna] Hope it’s good! (bell dings) [Jill] Doesn’t taste like pumpkin pie. I don’t like pumpkin pie that much, but this doesn’t taste like that. I mean, I don’t hate it but I don’t really like it. [Jenna] Yeah, no it….
[Jill] No it really… I mean I just ate some pumpkin pie. I tried some friend’s and this doesn’t taste anything like that. [Jenna] Fail!
[Jill] Fail. [Jenna] Now candy cane. Easy so it should be good. [Jill] It’s peppermint.
(bell ding) [Jenna] Mmm, yeah it’s minty. Good one. [Jill] Success! Yeah, I like this one. [Jenna] Yeah, it’s kind of refreshing, you know. [Jill] Okay, last one is cranberry sauce. I like it, but she doesn’t like it. (bell ding) Mmmmhhhh, I like this a lot! [Jenna] Yeah it tastes like cranberries.
[Jill] It’s good! I think it’s my favorite one. Okay, so now we have tasted all of them and… I like cranberry sauce the best. Second candy cane. Third hot chocolate. Fourth pumpkin pie and last… egg nog! [Jenna] Mine were kind of similar, kind of. First candy cane. Second cranberry. That was good. Third… mmmmm egg nog. Fourth pumpkin pie… no… yeah and last is chocolate. [Jill] Well I have to say overall it was a pretty good buy. So, have you guys tried any of these holiday jelly beans? Let us know! Which did you try and which did you like and which didn’t you? [Jenna] Okay, if you liked the video, please click LIKE and if you haven’t, go ahead, subscribe! See what we have coming up soon. If you want to provide us support in another way, you could check out our Patreon page. We always appreciate all of you guys who give us that support and there’s some cook perks, so check it out. [Jill] Okay, thanks for watching. See you in the next video. Bye! [Jill] … they just don’t know about some of the issues that you have really strong feelings about. They don’t know. Maybe they’ve never a gay person or they’ve never met so and so. [Jenna] …. what majority culture is and that’s a similarity that the Deaf community has with the disabled community.
If society were more willing….

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