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His ‘No Big Deal’ Gesture Saved a Life

“an Our Better World story
by Ashima Thomas Anshul Tiwari” I like to use the same phrase
which all donors use, “No big deal lah.
One day only, no big deal.” After that my life goes on. What is important is that
this person survived the life carries on. “But it was a big deal
for Alice.” “She was dying of leukaemia.” “Wilson, who did not know her,
donated bone marrow.” I realised that she was actually
the same age as my mother. But this is a total stranger
to me. But yet we are a match
of DNA profile. My cells can save
this person’s life. So it’s amazing, it’s beautiful. “Wilson faced many sceptics.” Generally, Singaporeans
always use the word “pain.” They always say it’s going to be
very painful. Why am I so selfish not to reserve the bone marrow
for my family? I forgot which auntie or which
uncle asked me or told me that maybe I cannot have children
after that. So all of them told me whatever
they know based on movie, based on whoever friend
and friend and friend and friend. No one can give me a name. So instead of being shaken, I am more determined that
I must go through this myself to experience it because all these are myths
and misunderstanding. “Attention
Disinfect hands before exiting” On the 19th morning, I was pushed
into the operating theatre. So all I know is that I was given
a jab of IV drip. It’s just one jab. Because I am under general
anaesthesia, so fast asleep, no feeling at all. At 12:00 p.m., I’m awake. I make my way to the toilet,
then come back, then I began to realise, “Oh,
okay, I donated bone marrow.” It leaves no evidences, no trace.
No trace. Whose leg is this? Papa. “Thank You Donors
you are puuuuurfect!” “Be strong! Hang in there!
Everything will be alright!” Yes it may contribute
in terms of memory next time for the young children, for the kids,
for them to take a look. “Oh, Dad did something else,
has done something different.” The fact that you have
chosen to pledge. The fact that you have chosen
to give another a gift of life. That makes you a hero. “THESE ARE OUR HEROES” “Thank you for your
altruistic act of saving a life” It is really something,
you know, really. And also it gives me
a new outlook of life. What life means, you know,
what life means. Thank you for doing it for me. Thank you. If it were not
for you, I wouldn’t be here. No, don’t mention. It’s always
just a little part out of us. I don’t have a million
or billions to donate for a good cause. But I have cells
that can keep growing. I can use it for a good cause, – for a good purpose.
– Yeah. I feel very, very good
about this. I’m not just taking him
as a donor. Like, he is somebody like my son who is willing to give, you know,
without even knowing to whom. “Wilson had such a positive
experience” “he went to work for the Bone
Marrow Donor Programme.” “A bone marrow transplant
is a patient’s last hope.” “The chances of finding a match
are 1 in 20,000.” “You could be that one.” “” “Telling stories.
Inspiring action.” “our better world” “POWERED BY SINGAPORE

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