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HiMirror Gesture Command Tutorial

HiMirror’s air gesture control allows you to navigate your HiMirror even if you have products on your hands or if they are wet The HiMirror is not a touchscreen device, the sensor is at the button of your HiMirror There are five gestures use to control the HiMirror Up, down, left, right, and push Please make sure the hand gesture is within a range of 4-8 inches Keep hands operating in the designated area for the best sensor detection You can use your most comfortable gestures to operate your HiMirror Use up and down to change pages Use right to go to the next page And use left to go to the previous page You can use push to awaken your HiMirror from the clock & weather standby screen Or use push to stop the page when you don’t want to switch pages automatically When you are ready to take a picture in the skin measurement mode, you can use push as well Follow the arrow icon on the navigation bar to operate your HiMirror Please avoid these incorrect gestures
Do not hold your fingers apart Do not make a circular movement Do not hold your hand more than 8 inches from the mirror You can try out the air gesture control in the tutorial mode on your HiMirror

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