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Hiking for 38h with YUTA (Thank you Chicken) | Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC) Ep.13

Hello guys We’re back with another episode of JOHNNY’s Communication Center Right now we have beautiful weather Let me open the window Beeeeautiful weather And we’ve got air-conditioning But most of all we have YUTA Hello guys, I’m YUTA We gonna eat some Baeksook White…(meaning of Baek) What does Sook mean? Okay Google ‘Baeksook in English’ ‘Chicken Soup with Rice’ That’s too simple ‘Chicken Soup with Rice’ , yes I was gonna think about making the squad name of…like a… ‘Let’s go eat with JOHNNY’ But that is…what we’re gonna do! We’re actually on our way now We’re very excited I’ll keep you guys updated on our way Because that’s what I like to do for Joh-Fam Anyways.. Be right back See you soon! We’re going to eat Baeksook! JCC! Where’s YUTA’s sunglasses? We’re♬ going to eat♪ Baeksook♩ X2 That’s a lot Acorn jello …What is that? I have no idea – I want this
– It’s potato pancake – Oh potato pancake
– How about Pajeon? (green-onion pancake)! We’d like to have Pajeon This is my first time eating those food – I’m hungry
– Hey so… We got the fire goin’ X2 Let’s have yummies with JOHNNY~ Would it be cold or not? It seems cold It’s so cool This is real water, right? Is it cold? Yeah perfectly Perfect to go in later We gotta go in Let’s eat and then walk around We wanna start to eat! Bon appetit! We have to put green-onion inside for food like this It looks so delicious I deserve this We rarely see YUTA doing this You only do that out of cameras Right Why are you doing that in front of cameras? You usually don’t do this in front of cameras It’s my original character Good I heard that there’s a certain expression in Korea I-yeol-chi-yeol (Korean idiom) I know X2 We should hot food in the hot weather and cold food in the cold weather – Correct
– Yeah Do we have to put rice in it too? What do you think? It’s for porridge – Is it?
– Yes You can eat. We gotta eat. We should When I eat chicken, I like to eat it with my hand Very good It’s delicious JOHNNY, try this Porridge? Yes Porridge – Porridge
– By the way I can only remember one thing about chicken soup MARK used to eat it once a day like everyday when he was a trainee MARK ate it for 300 days out of 365 days It’s so good, right? It’s been a while since we’ve had a meal in places like this Actually it’s our first time being in a place like this – Right, the first
– It is our first time The leg Here comes Pajeon Pajeon I believe we call it ‘Korean pizza’ Korean pizza That’s funny So delicious Let’s eat it right now You know that Pajeon is one of my favorite Korean food Yes, Pajeon is really… It’s for YUTA Thanks Hey guys Korean pizza here we go Korean pizza is great Will they cook it for us? Oh is it supposed to be cooked by them? I already ate some Everybody here, it’s porridge I was talking about earlier Apparently we weren’t supposed to eat it yet Cuz they’re gonna cook it for us but you know… It was little teaser They’re gonna cook it for us later though Okay guys let’s get the porridge go in I’ve already eaten some Will it be fine? My mother told me that Food gets worse if we try to do something too much Smells awesome with sesame oil It can never be bad I want to stir it No no But it shouldn’t be burnt You guys are winning seeing me cooking for the first time Porridge, that is Simmering Oh my god look at the visual It looks different though How is it? It looks too hot No, not yet X2
(♬TAEYEON-Fine♬) I think it won’t be easy
(♬TAEYEON-Fine♬) Please enjoy♬ Porridge made by me♬ My first porridge♬ It smells good Do you want to eat? Do you want me to feed you? Here it is, NCTzens, come Good for you X2 It’s so good Chicken soup can be made by anyone But the difference between anyone and this restaurant is that tree Thank you for the meal! – Thank you for the meal
– I’m full It was good I’m so full Then since we’ve had meal… Guys, here are my first sandals for this year Let me try them I love it Bigger place is over there Did you just say there’s something to eat? I mean there’s a bigger place You mean fish? It’s fun I love this place Does water reach there? It doesn’t It doesn’t reach X2 It’s cold No X2 It’s so funny It’s cool I got wet too much Okay everybody Look! There’s a lot We’re here? Do you wanna go there or down there? We should go up – Should we?
– Yes we should Since we’re here…this way seems right Aren’t we showing off too much about having no sense of direction? – In this case, we just…
– Just go Just go! We don’t need to read a map After meal, we’re now… – Walking
– We’re walking – Do you wanna walking?
– Yes I wanna walking You look cool X2 Let’s take a picture Picture. Taken We can go up or we can go down Guys, we’re on a trail right now. What an adventure! Trees Downhill It’s beautiful In the mountains, there’s usually a place where you can drink some water What is this? Place where you can drink water Can we actually drink this? Yes There’s water that you can drink Do we have to drink with this? Hey! Hey X2 You shouldn’t do that Don’t you think you are drinking in too much stylish way? Sometimes it comes out too strong I love this place Ah I won’t need sunglasses here Don’t forget to walk a bit after you eat, you know? You gotta get your stomach movin’ We should go up since we’ve just come down, right? Let’s go YUTA Uh? You’re cool Am I? Yes Take a video of me Try to run til the end Okay guys it’s been 24 hours and 30 minutes I feel so happy by the way This is my kind of thing, guys Fun! I’m having so much fun here If is there anyone who likes to hike…Let’s go together Raise your hand if you’re with me! The weather is really great today~ as it was yesterday, if you know what I mean… Good thing we had chicken yesterday Still full you know what I mean We’re gonna have muscle ache tomorrow, right? It’s not easy to walk for 2 days Now it’s been 20…no I began to feel hard when it just passed 22 hours Right We’ve been walking for 36 hours No no 25 hours Oh 25 hours? By the way I don’t feel hungry because we had chicken soup yesterday Right…Oh that’s yesterday It was yesterday – Did it happen yesterday?
– Yes What a fortune… Our great chicken soup was delicious In order to show you guys beautiful scenery… we’ve been walking for 35 hours 25 hours X2 That’s why you must watch this video Let’s go! Guys we’re just gonna use YUTA’s camera from now on Cuz.. This camera is 25 pounds – You know…holding 25 pounds..
– JOHNNY, how much does your camera weigh in kilogram? 25kg X2 By the way you still look fine after all the 25 hours Me? We? Right My skin is even getting better in this place It’s been 38 hours We’re almost… X2 For how many hours we’ve been walking? 38 hours 38 hours We can still do this I love mountains The mountains love me Almost there X3 After 38 hours and 42 minutes We’re finally here guys JOHNNY, we did it Yahoo! MARK! MARK! MARK! Mom! After 38 hours 45 minutes and 30 seconds we have finally arrived at our destination Thank you First of all I’d like to thank all the people who are supporting us from the very beggining And I would like to thank that chicken that I was fed yesterday The chicken that was able to give us lots of calories we can walk really fast Thank you, to that chicken Okay Joh-Fam! After 38 hours 45 minutes and 30 seconds we have finally arrived at our destination! I’d like to thank you all of your support JCC with YUTA ‘It’s yummy, JOHNNY’ We’re gonna end today’s JCC with this wonderful view of Seoul We were JOHNNY and YUTA and we love you – Thank you
– And bye bye Joh-Fam See you next time

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