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47 Replies to “HIDDEN BODY LANGUAGE SIGNS SHE LIKES YOU 😏 – How to Know if a Girl Likes You!”

  • Thanks for watching! Question of the Day: Which of these signs surprised you the most? 🤔

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  • I often noticed girls doing the exposed wrist when I felt like they were attracted to me. I never understood it, but it is something which kind of indicates attraction. You never see friends or colleagues doing it.

  • Darn I feel like the girl I liked at work did a few of these signs like the head tilting one while smiling, but I always wondered if she was doing it to other guys at work or just nervous. Haven't seen them do anything with me for few weeks now other then avoid my area or get out quick, even stopped staring; found out she got a boyfriend; guessing its a recent thing too.

  • You are amazing in demonstrating/acting the actual signs/behaviour; very pleasant/easy to experience/learn that way. Thank you Melannie 😘

  • Right now, at this point in my life? I'm just taking your word for it.
    But. What I would like to know is how does an Old Man, keep a
    young woman, that everybody says are too old/young for each
    other? Except just ignore the haters?

  • My friend did all of those signs plus the others but she said she didn't do them if so she's just friendly, I took her to eat, if she had 1 or 2 hrs to kill and she could go back to what she does, we stayed there for 4 1/2 hrs talking snacking??!! Chilling… u tell me…

  • Yes. Going to keep an eye on the "look behind her" thing. But I don't know how to keep an eye out without making it seem like I was watching. Maybe pretend to stare at my phone but kind of watching her while she cleans the tables at work?

  • 👋 Coach Mel … What about when a woman across the bar stances at me and then sticks her tongue out like a kid does ?? 😜

  • Hi, I have a question to ask you on this info you presented- Ii don't own a smartphone so do you have an email where i can ask you about a situation i experienced at work reguarding this matter and i rather discuss it in private. thanks

  • This was a fascinating video !! The wrists were a complete surprise !! Thanks kindly Melannie for your time and insight !! I appreciate it so much !!

  • The Wrist part was new to me. But all the others weren't. Also the tilting of the head is usually a submission move on a woman. It's show her neck to man showing her femininity so that he sees her feminine qualities.

  • Strange, I never get the vibe that she likes me back; just being herself, but there has been a time where we tease each other, prolonged the eye contact whilst tilting her head smiling and I don't know why she does it but she will look at me in the eyes from time to time; it's like she's checking for something. She did weirdly and correctly fugure out that I was lovesick the other day too; it doesn't just feel like infatuation for me, it feels more. I crushed on her for just under two and a half years, and we're friends so I think that's the reason. Anyway, love your videos as always! Thank you Coach Melannie.

  • I'm dealing with an agnostic masochistic woman with low self esteem, depressive and anxiety disorder. We became friends through our local gym, then learning from her friends, she became obsessed with me. The problem is she doesnt know how to express her feelings and it drove me nuts. Here's the real problem dealing with someone like this, when I pursued her, she pulled away and when I let her go, her low self esteem didnt make her chase me. Shes never been in love neither. The answer to this dilemma, is that she needs God.

  • Hi Melannie! Another awesome video. The exposing the wrists was definitely a new one for me. I love your videos and your insight is so helpful to me. Thank you so much! I also love your adorable voice and your super cute laugh and smile.

  • I did not know about the wrist thing, and the looking over the shoulder thing as signs that a girl likes me. But what I did know is how attractive a girl is when she does those things. The last one about her agreeing with me a lot … suffice to say that I wish I had known this as a warning sign when it came to my ex wife. Even before the wedding I noticed that she was opposing me at every turn.

  • Man this is great info!……I mean right now no female is giving me any signs like the ones you mentioned but still it's good to know them! 👍 They usually cringe and walk away! 🤣 But hey honestly these are actually REALLY good to keep an eye out for! Thanks Melannie!

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