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Hey, You’re an Asshole! – Dirty Signs With Kristin

Hey everyone, Dirty Signs With Kristin! My awesome phrase for you today is a special request from one of my viewers, his name is Stephen. Um, he’d like to learn how to say, “Hey Dave, you’re an asshole,” in honor of his coworker Dave. Um, so it’s pretty simple. We’re gonna start off with “hey.” You’re just gonna someone’s
attention by waving at them. Um, you don’t really need to sign the name Dave, just because they already know that you’re talking to them. Um, then to say “you,” you’re gonna point at the person. And to sign “asshole,” you’re gonna make an F-handshape with the circle part on the
top. Um, while you’re doing this, you’re gonna make an angry face, cause you’re calling someone an asshole. So we’re gonna put it all together and say, [HEY – YOU – ASSHOLE] Hooray! [CLAPPING]
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