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Help Abused Deaf Children (Project For Awesome 2019) (American Sign Language) | Rikki Poynter

Hello, welcome back to the channel and Vlogmas. Today’s an exciting day because it’s the day
of Project For Awesome! During the entire weekend, YouTubers are making
videos about their favorite charities. I’ve made some videos. I think I’ve made them
every year I’ve been here. They’ve all been for deaf charities. This year, I wanted to do something not really
different, but since I’ve grown up being deaf and with child abuse, I wanted to include
both. Not just simply a deaf charity. I wanted to include both deaf and abused kids. I wanted to help others like me. So the charity I picked this year is Deaf
SHARE. Here is the full name: Deaf SHARE (Survivor
Healing through Advocacy, Resources, and Empowerment. My friends and some viewers have told me about
this charity. I want to give you some general information
before I say more about them. Deaf children are more at risk of being abused. Because people think that they can take advantage
of them. So it’s really important for deaf kids to
have a safe place. They need someone to care about them. They need somewhere that they can feel safe. A place where they feel like they can get
help. And Deaf SHARE helps. All the staff know ASL which is awesome. Very helpful to deaf kids. Also, some of them know LSM, which is Mexican
Sign Language. If someone’s not from the United States, then
they will have access to sign language. They’ll help get you whatever you need: food,
school supplies, things you need to shower with. Deaf SHARE doesn’t only help deaf kids. They help other deaf people too. But it’s really nice to see that people are
helping deaf children. DeafDisabled, those with other disabilities
as well. One other fact about Deaf SHARE is they’re
a small part of a bigger charity. The main charity’s
name is SAFE. They help all abuse victims. But I like seeing that there’s a small part
for deaf people. Deaf SHARE is based in Austin, Texas. So if you live in Austin and you need help,
I hope you find help there. If you want to vote for this charity, I’ll
have a link down below. So click on that and vote. And maybe Project For Awesome will donate
some money to them. Thank you for watching. Happy Project For Awesome! I’ll see you later, bye. (CHRISTMAS MUSIC)

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