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How To Learn Sign Language

Hearing People, Stop Culturally Appropriating Sign Language #CultureAppropriation

J1: Look, look.. right now, there is an influx of hearing people, and their signing is just.. incomprehensible, it is not even BSL. J2: Wait, what.. hearing people.. filming themselves signing in a made up BSL. J1: Honestly, I am fed up. It’s just too much, and the amount of hearing people doing this, is getting bigger. Honestly, it’s giving me a headache. J2: Alright, alright calm down. Hello, my name is Mr Asamoah. See the title, and below for my YouTube links. I was just talking to my friend earlier, my friend explained a lot of bad things that has been happening, he explained that the numbers of hearing people doing ‘sign songs’ is getting bigger, and, it is not even BSL structure, grammar and fluency. Are hearing people going too far with what they are doing? You are telling me to lower my voice? Are you mad? What the.. What.. what is this. Look. Look, I have got something to say to you, yeah. Listen, my sis. That sign is TRASH. You need to get out, get out of here. GET OUT. Honestly, I do not understand you fam. I do not understand her at all bruv. Not even one sentence. Fast signing like *shows signing*. Come on, you are acting like Deaf people will understand you? Come on. And, you even put a filter on.. Seriously. You… How many times man? Aiiiiii not this… Oh my godness, let’s watch this. Video: Hello, my name is Molly. Did you see how she signed her name? My name.. M-O-L-L-Y. Come on, just sign normally bruv. Just be like ‘my name is Molly’, like that. You don’t need to be like this *shows* It’s too extra, you don’t need it. Seriously man. Video: — Rose. I am 21 years old. Okay, you are 21 years old.. and I am 20 so what? Video: I am studying at the University of Leeds. I know… the only reason I paused it, is because that is the same uni that I go to. I think I need to pray. Let’s pray. Dear Heavenly Father, Please give me some strength. Those ignorant people really want to burden me. Please give me the strength. In Jesus’s name. Amen. Anyway, let’s continue. Video: I am studying Psychology. Look, I don’t care what you are studying. Video: I am learning Level 3 BSL in September. And what?? S-E-P-T. Whatever, get on with it. Video: Thank you, bye. Okay, okay, hold on. You study Level 3 in September coming or September that has just gone, Whatever. I do not think you have the right to post videos and try to teach BSL, when you literally only got Level 1 and 2.. it doesn’t give you the right to teach it. You just can’t do that. Look, it is okay to learn sign to be able to communicate with Deaf people. I am fine with that but .. – I fully support hearing people who are learning sign language because they want to provide the access for deaf people I mean, in education, healthcare and many systems. It is because there is not enough opportunities for Deaf people, so we need interpreters to increase and provide access to opportunities. We do not need hearing people making videos using broken sign language. *tssk* Get off, I do not want this. Off. — But when you start posting videos on Instagram to teach signs, and you are not even a qualified interpreter or linguist. You are teaching at that level.. and you think it is alright? Just because you passed your Level 2? Bitch please. Oh my God She signed beautifully right? I think she is an official Level 6 Interpreter? Don’t you think? Honestly, when she was signing, I was getting distracted by something.. the butterfly filters…. that filter… like why do you need that on a signing video? You should not put filters on signing videos, Also, on the caption of that post, it says…. The person who inspired me to do this video — see the caption right there — The video was inspired by… Wayne Barrow.. Look.. It should be a Deaf person who inspires or motivates a hearing person to learn sign. Not ‘inspires’ them but really, hearing people should learn sign anyway to provide access. Access, this word..’access’. That’s it. Next video, come on then. Do you see what I mean.. Hearing people, phfft. Ready to focus on the next one.. Nah nah, time out. Naaa, how can — *No, no, no, no, no – HELL no – NO. NO.* Imagine thinking that you made a sick video, when the signs are broken as FUCK. Please do not do videos like this again. I do not want it to continue where I see sign song videos like this, when you are not fluent or skilled at signing. That’s why I strongly believe that Deaf people who have hot sign skills should be the ones to get recognition. Not hearing people who take sign language and use it for the views on social platforms. Stop saying ‘it is or it looks inclusive’.. Please do not come to me with this.. I do not give a shit about this, I do not.. I do not give a shit about that. Look, if Deaf people are still struggling in those systems. Why should we allow hearing people to culture appropriate, we should be focusing on the systemic struggle first. THIS GUY IS RIGHT. 100% RIGHT. This is what I have been talking about.. Honestly, I have been telling people, and people just disregarded what I was saying. This is the perfect explanation. We need more hearing people to fight against systemic oppression of Deaf people, Not filming videos of themselves signing songs and saying things like ‘I am going to change the face of sign language’ This behaviour is awful! If you don’t want to use your sign to become interpreters, just don’t go onto social media and film yourselves signing songs. It is as simple as that.

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