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HEARING Dad Meets DEAF Friends For The First Time (American Sign Language) | Rikki Poynter

Hello! This lipstick color is
the wrong shade for me. But whatever, let’s
not worry about it. So I’m ready to pick up my dad. We’re gonna go see my
friends, Jenna and Melissa. Hopefully.
We’ll see. May be interesting. Yeah, there will be… Yeah, hearing people
will be there. Jenna herself is hearing. But still. There’s still going to be
a lot of signing. My dad’s never really
seen signing before. He’s never been with
other deaf people. Well, except for me
and my “mom”. We’ll see what happens! Hello. So it’s a few days later. Um… Things did not go as planned. So my dad and I
watched a movie. Then we went to my friends’ house. Two friends: one is
hearing, one deaf. They’re married. So it was supposed to be
a Thanksgiving thing. I personally don’t
celebrate it. But I wanted to hang out with my friends. Also, my dad isn’t here a lot. So, yeah. So I told my friend we
were ready to go… I told her before the movie
started that we’d be a little late. She said it was fine. But it was two hours
later that we went… And she said that nobody
was there anymore, they left. I wanted my dad to go with me! I wanted him to socialize
with other deaf people. I mean, that still happened
since Melissa is deaf. But it didn’t happen the
way that I wanted! So my dad and I walked in. I introduced everyone. It was a good time. So since Melissa and I are deaf, and Jenna and my dad are hearing, and Jenna signs, but my dad doesn’t… So when Melissa and I
are signing, Jenna interpreted. And when my dad’s talking,
Jenna’s interpreting for us. It was simple and casual. I’m not gonna lie, I really, really wanted him
to experience what I do. What I experience when I go with
him to places with all spoken English. And I’m always like,
“I don’t know what’s going on!” But he didn’t really experience that. Oh well. He did a little bit! He saw ASL and all that. He saw that I had
access with ASL. That was it. It was small. But it wasn’t nothing! It was still something. That’s important, right? When we finished, I asked
him whatever, what he thought. He said they were really nice people. So yay! That was it! Nothing about ASL, the experience
of entering an ASL household. Okay then! But still something. Maybe we’ll try again
in the future. Maybe I’ll be with someone next year. Maybe. I don’t think it was a total fail. Well, that was my experience. We’ll see what happens next year. Or whenever. Thank you for experiencing
this with me, sort of. I’ll see you later, bye! (CHRISTMAS MUSIC)

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  • Thank you for sharing this experience with us we are all so thankful!😊😊😊
    From your Hufflepuff friend

  • Your natural hair color is very pretty you’re a pretty girl I know that’s not on topic. But I’m into make up and hair. You know Rickki It’s not on topic but you look great as a blonde. Rod Stewart is a famous 70s and 80s singer and you look like you could be one of his wives His wives are very pretty. His wife his ex-wife is a famous model she’s name Hunter I forgot her last name. Even if you don’t change your color hair your natural color is very pretty you should just leave it natural. When you get older you’re going to have to dye it all the time. Thank God I don’t have a full head of white hair yet LOL

  • Hi Rikki….. this my first time commenting.. and I must say, I really enjoy your channel. I think you are very strong, intelligent and creative human being. I came across a video that you we’re collaborating with another YouTuber, and I was so moved by the video, that decided to view your channel and I’ve been so what , binging a lot of your videos. So, I just wanted to say was ; ). I too, don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I pretty much, go out to dinner with friends or see a movie. I think you video was genuine and from the heart. Thank you for making videos like this. I believe, there’s not a lot of honest people in the world. But you’re definitely NOT one of those people. Thank you again.

  • I have been watching you over the years. It's nice to see your growth of language acquisition: ASL. Keep it up! Thank you for being open with your journey as a deaf person. BTW, it's same with my dad. Clueless about deaf community and all that. Hugs

  • I love your asl videos because you seem so happy :)) it's so nice to watch!
    I also enjoy watching asl because I am an isl (Irish) signer myself and its cool to see the similarities
    Thanks for the great content xx

  • ah, Family meeting Deaf for the first time. Yep, that can be scary and expectations can be so high sometimes. But thank goodness my experiences have always been pretty good. My mum learnt the basics and can communicate fine enough my sister as well. But my dad and my brother are a bit effie about NZSL. but by creating more events yourself will help. for example, i invited Deaf and hearing to my 30th that went well. and I'm inviting Deaf and hearing to my wedding 2021.

  • Seems like…. signing and speaking the words simultaneously is kind of difficult in the way that, for me it's difficult to sing the lyrics for a song while playing the more complex
    Guitar parts. My practice is lazy though. I always slide back into comfort zone. 😐
    Does anyONE think that's at least a slightly good analogy? Or maybe I'm dead wrong. ..?

  • I hope this isn't offensive or ignorant (well..I guess it is kind of ignorant, in the 'lacking knowledge' meaning of the word) but I find it really interesting how different facial expressions are when people are signing. Are facial expressions and mouthing certain words but not others universal in each specific sign language, or is it more of a personal flair, or almost like an accent used by people differently?

  • I hope this is a legitimate question. I just came on this YouTube channel and video randomly. How do you convey to others that you have to use another means of communication?

  • My first time meeting a large crowd of deaf people I was TERRIFIED because I couldn't understand anything. It was just so disorienting. This was back when I was learning ASL, I'm now able to hold a conversation somewhat fluently 😅

  • I’ve definitely had my fair share of awkward conversations involving my hearing family and deaf people I know (not friends, just roommates and a former friend). It’s never a comfortable experience. I’ve witnessed a family member talk loudly to someone deaf I knew as though they would magically hear at the right volume of voice.

  • Im a hearing person. Ive been self teaching myself ASL since Aug 2019. I dont know any hard of hearing or deaf people, nor have i met anyone at my job. Anyway i wanted to learn just because. I understood about 50% of what you were signing. Everyday i work at it, hoping to get better

  • Rikki, i really enjoyed this format better…seeing you sign, with the voice over. I feel like its more genuine, and maybe i might learn ASL 😊❤ keep up the good work!

  • I love when you do videos in ASL (with captions for our hearing friends of course and/or those who don't sign)! It's so nice to switch on a Youtube video from a great creator and not have to read the captions all the time.

  • Ah , yes the first meet . Last year for my Dad that I know of . It could be that he met one years ago that I never knew about . Hhhmmm now I’ll have to ask him . It was a member of my Deaf family and the guy is the same age as my dad so it was little concerning for my dad since the friend approached him when I wasn’t around so my dad had to try to figure out what was being said if anything. My friend thought it would be nice to say hello to my dad who was in the yard so Tom we shall call my friend . Tom stopped his car and gets out and approaches my dad all while smiling from one ear to the other and waving like a lunatic ( my dads words) . My dad had already said hello can I help you and what seems to be the problem . Tom still waving and slowly approaches while signing to my dad ( your son is my friend and he is a good person) . My dad is smart but doesn’t know sign so he puts 2and 2 together and figures that Tom is talking about me but doesn’t know what . So Tom waves and turns to his car gets in and drives off . How long you figure my dad waited before calling to tell me about this . He was calling before Tom put the car in gear . Said he didn’t know what the guy want it figures that he was saying hello and that he knew me but he want to make sure it was my friend . Tom lives maybe 6 houses down from dad and I had told him before that he did. Dad said he didn’t really know what to do and said he wonder who felt more uncomfortable my friend or my dad . I told dad you did he knew what he was doing and who you where so he wasn’t worried, you where cause you didn’t know him and you didn’t know what he wanted . I know how my dad felt cause I have felt that way all my life with hearing ppl

  • I've been self teaching myself ASL for the last 3 years and for the first time I can say I muted the video and still understood what was going on, I'm hearing, I knew someone who was deaf when I was younger but sadly I was only 6 or 7 and never was opened up to the fact I could learn sign even though I'm hearing.

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