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Haryana Drivers Trained to Behave with Women

In India, Haryana’s transport office department has started a new training programme for the different districts of Haryana. 10,000 Bus drivers and conductors will be trained under this new programme. They will be trained to communicate and behave with women and other passengers. The programme is called ‘Safe Gaadi’ Many training sessions have been completed in many districts of Haryana. Conductors and bus drivers will be trained to manage their stress. They will be taught not to get angry and abuse the passengers. They will be given training to learn professional behaviour. They will have to learn to manage their stress and be polite with the passengers. There are some drivers who are very stressed and verbally abuse passengers. They can not do this. They will be trained to remove their stress and be soft spoken. Such programmes have been conducted in many districts of Haryana. They all will be encouraged to be positive. The trainers have been visiting each district in haryana and having training sessions that last 2 hours. Once the driver and conductors finish their training, they will recieve leaflets and books that will help them behave properly with passengers.

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