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Harry Potter: Wizarding Terms & Things (Sign Language)

Pensieve [demonstrates sign] Galleon [demonstrates sign] Sickle [demonstrates sign] Knut [demonstrates sign] Daily Prophet The wizarding community’s newspaper. [demonstrates sign] Quibbler That special magazine that might not be full of the truth. [demonstrates sign] Howler Looks like a letter envelope, right? [demonstrates sign] Mirror of the Erised The mirror that shows one’s true deepest desires. [demonstrates sign] Potion The other sign, for the Potions class. This one for drinking potions – so it’s a different sign. [demonstrates sign] Curse [demonstrates sign] Butterbeer Everyone loves it – their favorite drink! The sign is: [demonstrates sign]

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  • thank you so much, its been really hard trying to describe my favorite fandom to my Deaf friends so I was able to show them this video and they were like "oh, okay" so now they're really into HP as well and this made me very happy.

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