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Hanna -The Princess Of Mirzapur | Kaleen Bhaiya, Munna Bhaiya | Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu Sharma

Hello I’d told you it was necessary to increase the sense of fear amongst people We’ve done just that You don’t worry You’ve done a great job son, well done! I told you dad, just show some trust in me for once and I’ll make you proud for sure Just shut up! You’re a total idiot! Why do you always have to fuck up other people’s weddings? That’s not my fault, I get carried away while dancing Shut up! What did you tell the old man at that wedding the other day? Please tell me Oh that! I just called him a dumbfuck uncle! I must tell you, that got a lot of laughs Never disrespect your elders You can only command respect when you keep your tongue and your dick in check Will you ever be happy with anything that I do? Whatever I do, be it killing people, expanding the business, nothing makes you feel proud of me All I get is a dick up my ass! Shut up and eat I won’t eat. I’m observing a fast today You won’t observe anything, you’ll just eat and shit! Whatever has to be done will be done by Hanna from now on! Now who the hell is Hanna??!! Maqbool, forward Hanna’s WhatsApp link to Munna But dad, Hanna’s just a kid! What will she do? This kid will run this town now Just wait and watch She’ll become the princess of Mirzapur! Eat your food Come here Hey dumbfuck!!! Come here. I’m talking to you Will you get the water for washing my hands?

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