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How To Learn Sign Language

Hand Talk – Sign Language Translator (English Version)

one of the most important things for us
as human beings is our ability to communicate many of the greatest deeds of humankind
would just be useless if not for communication and for you, what does it mean to be able to
communicate? to read, play write, paint talk, sing dance to sign life as a lot more to give when we have
the ability to understand others and express ourselves deaf people have developed a whole new
way to communicate: using sign languages in Brazil the official sign language
is called LIBRAS so while the deaf communicate using sign
languages, most people only use spoken languages. Wouldn’t it be nice
if we could all interact with each other in a simple and easy way? that’s why we created Hand Talk a technology-based solution intended to
shorten this gap overcome challenges, brings people together share knowledge stimulate communication that’s our mission some deaf people still struggle to
read and write the language written and spoken in their own country but we can give them a little hand or more specifically, Hugo our virtual interpreter he can convert nearly everything to
sign language whether a SMS message a conversation a book magazine or information sign and all this in real time using to convert from text, audio and
pictures to sign language Hand Talk mobile app will give
you a groundbreaking experience and it will go beyond to other platforms and communication
media like Hand Talk for web that translates the content from any
website to LIBRAS on the fly all of this is communication all of this is Hand Talk a digital solutions for social inclusion

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