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Hand Gestures Tutorial for Initial Setup

The tutorial mode includes guide on gesture control, voice command, and function buttons Not a touchscreen device, your smart HiMirror works with gesture control. The gesture sensor is at the bottom of your HiMirror Follow the instructions on the screen, it’s very easy to operate HiMirror with hand gestures When the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen shows up, please wave your hand in front of the sensor to the right, to go to the next tutorial page A tutorial page will stay on repeat until you wave hands to the right. If you want to see the previous tutorial page, just wave hands to the left The gesture sensor’s working range is 4-8 inches. Keep hands operated in the designated area for the best sensor detection Please avoid these incorrect gestures: 1.Wave with open fingers
2.Make circular movements
3.Operate from more than 8 inches from the HiMirror Contact us if you have any questions!

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