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HamNoSys based Indian Sign Language Generation System

HamNoSys based Indian Sign Language (ISL) Generation System

Presentation By
M.E. (Software Engineering)

Under the Supervision of
Associate Professor
CSED, Thapar University,Patiala ISL Web Portal Registration for new users Search Words in ISL Dictionary Searching for sign of word “TAP” in ISL Search Results Video for sign of “Tap” in ISL “Tap” Signed by Human Signer Natural Sign for “Tap” HamNoSys for “Tap” SiGML Translator Generate ‘SiGML’ file from ‘HamNoSys’ using
‘SiGML Translator’ SiGML for “Tap” Users can download SiGML file View “Tap.sigml” Animate Sign by using Virtual Signing Player Load “Tap.sigml” Click on ‘Play’ button Change Signing Speed of Animation Avatar Side view of Avatar Virtual Signer showing sign of “Tap” in ISL Change Avatar New Avatar Loaded Showing sign of “Tap” Load another Avatar Searching Hindi Words Words for selected alphabet Results for selected word Searching English words Select alphabet ‘C’ Results for ‘C’ Click on word “Computer” Avatar showing sign for word “Computer” in ISL Create New Signs Let us create a sign for word “Water” in ISL Generate HamNoSys for “Water” HamNoSys Generation Tool Select ‘Hand-Shape’ Select ‘Extended Finger and Palm Orientation’ Select ‘Location’ of Hand Select Non-Manual Gestures for a sign (Optional…) Load “water.sigml” Avatar showing sign for “Water” Create New Sign for Hindi Word Select Non-Manual Components Choose ‘Head’ Component Choose ‘Eye-Gaze’ component Store newly created sign for ‘ पढ़ना ‘ in
ISL Dictionary Load ‘पढ़ना.sigml’ Avatar Showing sign for पढ़ना in ISL Creating HamNoSys for word “EAT” Selecting Mouth Gesture Components Click on ‘HELP’ for mouth-gestures Select any mouth gesture component Watch video clip showing gestures of mouth
for selected mouth component Avatar showing sign for “EAT” Store sign in ISL Dictionary Signs are stored from admin module of web portal Log in as a ‘Normal User’ Logged in from ‘User Module’ Search signs in Hindi Dictionary for the words just created by Admin Searching words beginning from ‘ प ‘ sign for ‘पढ़ना’ was just created by admin ‘पढ़ना’ is stored in Hindi Dictionary View ISL Dictionary for English Words ‘Eat’ is stored in English words dictionary Documenation ISL Web Portal Lessons for learning Indian Sign Language (ISL) Manage User Account Deleting User Account Please contact us regarding any queries, ideas, questions and feedback.
We would like to hear from you !! Deleting user accounts from ISL web portal Hearing people have the ability to remove barriers that prevent deaf people from achieving their dreams.

So, Let us come forward to work for this noble cause !!

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