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Halloween Vocabulary in ASL – American Sign Language

WARNING: For best ASL learning experience, please turn OFF the captions or subtitles. MESSAGE TO VIEWER: After watching the ASL video, if you don’t understand something, then use the captions as the last resort. HALLOWEEN is signed this way because of the masks. AUTUMN or FALL is signed this way because of the leaves falling around the tree and raking the leaves. OCTOBER 31st is fingerspelled O-C-T and then number 3 and 1. BAT. Use the handshape ‘X’ for both hands over the shoulders mimicking how the bats hang upside down. Do you see what color I am wearing? BLACK. This is BLACK. Use your index finger and move it across the forehead. BLOOD. Sign RED and then LEAK on the hand. BONE. Use classifier (CL) Bent V for both hands and make a ‘X’ by crossing your arms. CANDY. Use your index finger to act like a drill making a hole into your teeth, as in cavity. CAT. Make a handshape ‘F’ to act like whiskers on the side of the face. Other variations for the sign CAT. There are three variations for the sign CAT. I use the one with handshape ‘F’. So, this is CAT. COSTUME. You see the person walking, and the costume that goes on the person. The clothes that are put on. The sign for that is signed like this, COSTUME. This is DARK. Use the handshape FLAT B and sign like this for DARK. DEAD. This is signed DEAD. DEVIL. Use handshape ‘3’ to represent the horns on top of the head. DEVIL. FRANKENSTEIN. There are four variations for the sign FRANKENSTEIN. All put plugs or screws on the sides of the neck. I use a couple. You see the ghost? It is signed like this, GHOST. Use handshape ‘F’ for both hands, or you can use ‘8’ for a variation. This is GRAVE. You see the grave being dug out, a dead person’s body is buried. The mound over the grave or the coffin being closed makes the sign for GRAVE. This is HALLOWEEN. It is signed this way because of the masks. This is HAUNTED HOUSE. HAUNTED HOUSE. Or you can sign SCARY HOUSE. I sign HAUNTED HOUSE like this. This is MONSTER. There, do you see it? That is signed MOON. Use handshape Bent L to represent the crescent moon. MOON. That is MUMMY. Cross over your arms with handshape FLAT B to sign REST and how mummies appear when they are wrapped. This is the color ORANGE. That is PARTY. There are two different variations for the sign PARTY. Use handshape ‘P’ or ‘Y’. You see the big round thing with a stem on the top of it? This is PUMPKIN. Signed like this, PUMPKIN. The handshape ‘S’ represents the round pumpkin. Flick on the top of it. That is SCARY! This is the sign for SCARY. This is SKELETON. Classifier BENT V on your shoulders. Don’t confuse it with the sign for BONE which is signed this way off the chest. Sign SKELETON on your shoulders. This is SPIDER. The fingers represent the legs of the spider. SPIDER. You see the kids going from house to house, knocking on the doors, and getting candies in their bags. This is the sign for TRICK OR TREAT. This is VAMPIRE. Or DRACULA. The classifier BENT V represents the fangs. VAMPIRE. This is WEB. Use CL:44 to represent the threads around the spider web. You see this creature? That is signed MAN WOLF for WEREWOLF. Or WOLF MAN. Or fingerspell WERE then sign WOLF. I sign it like MAN WOLF for WEREWOLF. This is WITCH. Point to the mole on the nose and then the second part represents REVENGE. This is the sign for WITCH. You see the dead person getting up and walking. This is the sign for ZOMBIE. You see this? HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

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