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Halloween Island Act 2 | Garry’s Mod

Hello everyone. My name is Crow_Se7en.
Welcome to Garry’s Mod This map called Halloween Island Act 2.
Say hello to Kenny Kenny: Hello Let’s go Halloween Island Act 2 Kenny: Same time That’s it? Can’t open it? Why? Oh ok Of course, we have to find the coins Act 2 Hello We need to find the key to open the box Kenny: The key How do we go back up there? Kenny: Go to the other side Kenny: What was that? I threw the grenade Have to find another key? Go this way Kenny: Watch out Don’t touch it Goodbye FK YOU, MAN! Come here Downstairs! I can see you! Get over here! Did you see I picked up the coin? Ok, we got one coin I don’t know Ok? Kenny: What? I just entered the tent Slow… Really slow… Worth it! Oh really? Ok Seriously. Ok, let’s be serious and back to
business Ok. Good good. I’m behind the waterfall. Watch me Oh ok ok Kenny: What happened? What happened? I destroyed it. Ok? Fine What did you do?! Kenny: I pressed two buttons downstairs I thought I pressed… Oh whatever Oh… This is a waste of time Kenny: Oh… Ok, we already got that coin Kenny: I just teleported Found it Ok Did we miss something? Hello! Oh really Ok? I wasn’t even scared Who? Kenny: That was short Right. Act 1 was long Move Ok, let’s wrap up. We will move to the act 3 map Thank you for watching. Please click Subscribe,
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