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Guess The ASL ft. BrizzyVoices

(marker scratching) (Pokemon game sound) In frame. OK.
(BANG) – Ooh!
– (laughs) DEVON: That was unexpected.
Where the heck was (inaudible)? – That’s terrifying. – I already have a blooper section.
This is great. Hello. So, today obviously
we are at VidCon and I’m here with my friend Anna,
who – fun fact, I almost called her Brianna
at Playlist because my mouth was
trying to say Anna, my brain was trying
to say Brizzy and then they both kind of just
tried to come out that way. -Brizzy Anna. It works.
-Yes. That also works for Brianna. But – I was… Brianna, like, no
that’s not your name. -It’s my ship name
with myself. -Yes. That works perfectly. Because you’ve got to
love yourself. -(laughs) -Perfect. OK. So do you want to
tell them a little bit about your channel,
real quick? -Um, my channel is mostly
voice impressions of cartoons and nerdy-centric
or fandom videos. Some make-up tutorials. A lot of character-y stuff. -And we both like Pokemon so you’re
going to see a lot of that on there. And a lot of her content is
captioned so you know, you will likely
find a video. Not everything but you know, it
taking a while to get there. But, access. So, today we are going to play
a little bit of a game. It doesn’t have an official name
but it’s kind of Guess The ASL sign
type of thing. I’ve given her a sharpie, index
cards, some extras just in case. And we have
a whole pile anyway. And I picked ten – plus two more as a
bonus – signs that are easy. They kind of look the same as
our English counterpart I guess, for lack of a better word. You know, what it
would translate to. Nothing hard. I’m not that mean
plus we’d be here all day. So just wanting to make it a little
bit easier for everybody. So… -I took ASL in second grade when I was very little, but… and I’ve watched one or two seasons
of ‘Switched at Birth’ and that’s it.
So… (laughs) -You have a little bit of…
Oh, what’s the word I’m looking for? You’ve had a little bit
of access to it. -Yeah. -Are you ready? -OK. So…
-(squeals) -It’s my list.
She can’t see it. No super Harry Potter wand powers.
I’m watching you. Number one: -Oh!
-I’ll do it one more time. -I mean…
-This is the sign: She guessed ‘whiskers’. Close. -But not really. It means ‘cat’.
-Cat! -It’s you know, the whiskers
of a cat. So, close. That’s a pretty good guess.
I would think so. -Related.
-OK. So, this is a sign I’ve seen a
couple of different versions of but we’re just going with the one
I’m most familiar with: I’ll do it
one more time. And I’ll go to the camera.
It’s like… She guessed ‘laptop’. -And you are correct.
-Yay! -(laughs) It was like,
computer, right here and then the one I just did was
doing it like this, like both of them. I’ve just seen it
mostly just like this. -Yes! -Ready? Go: Do it again. For the camera. She said, ‘house’. -And you are correct.
-What! -So, you know the roof of a house
it goes down. Of course unless you have
a rectangular one. But most are like: Two right, two right. -You got ‘laptop’ and ‘house’ right.
-Two out of three. Fantastic. So number four. -(laughs) OK. -Again. Just to be fair. Sign: She said ‘turtle’. -You are correct.
-Yay! -That’s three.
-That one was obvious. -It’s just so cute.
Hello. How are you? -OK. So, number five. Ready?
-Yep. Oh! I know. -It kind of has two translations so
if you get one or the other, I’ll take it. -Uh huh.
-Oh and I’ll show the camera: OK she said ‘eat’. -You are correct.
-Yes! -It could also mean ‘food’.
-Mm-hm. Yeah, that could mean ‘food’.
Four right. You got laptop, house,
turtle and eat. Four in a row. Yes! Anna says ‘book’. -And you are correct.
-Yes! -It can also be used for like ‘menu’
and stuff like that. -Yeah. When you did ‘laptop’
I thought a ‘book’ but I was like, no, that would be
something like this. -Maybe an iPad but not quite. -Yay. Five in a row, right?
-Yes. So good. -I think you were
really nervous before we started this
when I was telling you about it and you’re going like,
oh gosh, I watched Switch At Birth but I
don’t- -Yeah! Ooh. -OK. She says ‘water’. -You are correct.
-Whoo! I’m so good. -I think it’s one of the more basic
signs that everybody learns at first but it can be a little, wait,
what is that? But yeah. -Maybe I learned in second grade
and I subconsciously remembered it. -And then, OK. Number eight. OK this one has a couple of
different signs, OK like two. One like American version and
one Canadian version. So I’ll do both just
for the heck of it. -Interesting. -So, we’ll start with the Canadian
one which is: What is it? And now I’ll show you
the US version which is just: -Ooh. I’ve seen this. -For the record. -Mmm! -This one was the more visual one
rather than the Canadian one. -This is not right. It’s not right.
I know it’s not right. -She says ‘stop’. -That is not right.
It was ‘ketchup’. -Ketchup!
-(laughs) Yeah. So, like, you’re holding
the bottle. -Yeah.
-And you’re smacking the bottom of it. Yeah, and this is ‘red’.
Red and then sauce. So in Canada people go red sauce
and then here they just smack that pesky
bottle of ketchup. But for the record, ‘stop’ – we
don’t have that on the list do we? No. -‘Stop’ is just:
-Yeah. I knew it was
like a down. -Something like a very stern, what
are you doing? So. Not bad. Still not doing too bad,
though. Very good. -OK.
-You’re getting most of them right. -So far.
-Most, yeah. -OK. We’re on number nine.
OK ready? OK: -Ooh. -One more time? For the camera. OK. She said ‘ocean’
and I’m going to say you’re right. -OK. -The other translation, the one I’ve
seen the most, is ‘sea’. But sea and ocean kind of tend to be
the same thing. -Yeah. I don’t know what
the difference is. -I’m going to say
you’re right. If somebody wants to say
she’s wrong… -Big sea. can correct. But I’m going to count it,
personally. -But yeah the little waves.
-Yeah. -Five, six, seven
out of ten so far. OK so, this one has a couple
of different variations and I’ll just go through
each of them. So the first one: -Ooh.
-Next one: -Ooh! -So you’re not going to really see it on
the camera but if you know
what this is: -Ah! OK. -She said ‘pants’. -That is incorrect.
-No! -‘Dog.’
-‘Dog’? -You’re snapping for the dog. -Wow. -So like, I can’t snap very well
so it’s like. For actual pants you’re not going to
be able to see right here. If you want to do pants you are kind
of touching your pants. But you can’t see
on the camera but if you look it up
you’ll get the idea. -So, Bonus Round.
-Bonus. -And you might get this because you
said you’ve seen ‘Switched at Birth’. -Yes. -So, I’ll give you one hint. It’s the
first season. That this is covered. -OK. -So that’s as far as I’m going to
give you. OK. So the first one,
’cause there’s two: -Ooh. OK. Ooh. Mmm. -I’ll give you one hint.
It’s in this room. (laughs) I know that’s so helpful. There’s a
lot of things in this room. But I figure, ‘Switched at Birth’,
it’s in this room… Maybe. Her face is like, no,
fuck no. -What hap-? -OK. She said ‘friend’. While you are my friend.
That is not correct. It’s ‘coffee’. -Oh! -But for the record, ‘friend’,
I’ll tell you what that is. -Ah. OK. Yeah. -This is ‘coffee’. ‘Friend’. So, last one: -Oh!
-For the camera: -Does that say pepper?
-Yes. -OK. So, she said ‘pepper’. That is not correct. -It’s ‘make out’.
-Yes. -(laughs) -I knew it was something romantic or
sexual, possibly but I wasn’t sure. -It was when Daphne’s
biological mom was trying to ask if she wanted to have
coffee or something and then she
actually does this. And Daphne was like, “Mom! You just asked if you can
make out with me.” -Right.
-Mmm, honey. Actually, fun fact, when I met my friend Jules who is a
deaf filmmaker, for the first time
in person, and this was when my ASL was
pretty crappy, my sign for plane
was this and I got laughed at. And I just told her
I wanted coffee and I accidentally did this: instead of this: and she was like… And I was like… This.
I want this! This. So you got…
What’s the count? -Well, not Bonus.
-Not counting the bonus. -Seven.
-So you got 7/10 for the bonus. Oh, that’s… You did pretty well.
You got most of them. -I guess it’s not failing if it’s
at least 70. It’s failing in my mind. -For the record,
I think ‘pepper’ is this. And ‘salt’ and then ‘pepper’. So her prize was
going to be this but I kind of gave it to her a little early because I got
too excited. It’s a little Pikachu pen. -(imitating Pikachu) Pikachu.
-Pikachu -Pika, Pika! -So I was gonna be like, “Wait,
I have a surprise for you” but then I got too excited when I
went to go pick her up. So it’s like, here, here is your
boring wrist band present. By the way,
here’s a better one. Yeah, so. 7/10. Not bad.
Congratulations. Very good. Or the deaf applause. So, thank you for coming and
doing this with me. -I thought it was a fun game to do.
-Yeah. -So that’s all that
we have for you. Feel free to check out
her channel. Where can they find out what
it’s called. On B.R.I.Z.Z.Y. (laughs) -Very good. Yeah. So, you’ll find great voice
impressions and other stuff. Very good, might I add. And my personal favourite was
the Pokemon voice impression. I think that’s actually how I found
you or the original way that I found you was
last year at VidCon when you were wearing
the Gastly backpack. -Yep. -And I asked you where you got that
and then I was like, I like this girl. And then I looked you up and then
that whole thing happened. Go check out her channel. We’ll probably have a link here
again, also, down below. And once again
thank you for coming. -Yay. You’re welcome.
-I appreciate it. Have a hug. -Mmm.
-Yes. Did very well so go compliment her
on trying. OK? And we’ll see you later. Bye.

89 Replies to “Guess The ASL ft. BrizzyVoices”

  • I've been teaching myself ASL on the internet for a little while, and I knew all of them besides ketchup, so I'm pretty happy :p
    You should do that more often, that was a lot of fun!

  • i adore Brizzy and you Rikki long time fans of you both. I don't know ASL as I'm Scottish but I too watched switched at birth and figured out a few which is kind of cool πŸ™‚ I love seeing you sign in your videos

  • hi rikki! I liked the video. you've been a huge source of inspiration for me to learn asl ever since I discovered your channel (I started learning about a week or two ago). keep doing what you're doing!

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  • Thing about "Ketchup" is there's so many signs for it! You can do the one that was done in the video, you can take a K-handshape and shake it up and down. There's so many signs for one word!

  • hahaha! I got Ketchup just because I remembered being at that stream where Rikki was trying to get some stubborn sauce out of a bottle.

  • ASL sign for Ketchup is a little bit outdated, but I have seen users using that sign every once in a while. I don't know if you know, ASL sign for Ketchup could mean for something else (more like sexual nature) haha

  • I was taught make out differently, that one looks more like make. make out is more wrist on wrist I was taught.

  • I'm decently new to your channel, you're lovely by the way. I have taken 3 semesters of ASL in college but am not able to finish up the rest yet. do you have any advice on ways of practicing so I don't loose what i have learned?

  • this is awesome! I love you both! I always remember the sign for DOG because the snap is like a fast way to fingerspell D.O.G.

  • oh my god Brizzy is my fav YouTuber and I started watching Rikki a few months ago so ti see then colab is everything.

    my brain just always tried to apply the German Signs to figure them out and it just DIDN'T WORKπŸ˜…

  • you know what's weird ? the american sign for ketchup is basicly the dutch sign for gay / homosexual . Thought i might share that with you πŸ˜‚ .

  • Ooh, this was really fun! I actually got a few of them! You should definitely do more of these because I think it will inspire people to learn ASL and help reinforce people who are already learning πŸ™‚

  • you all should go check out sign Duos Channel they are a deaf and hearing couple. the videos are closed caption.

  • Ooohhh the sign for water is a "w" on the chin, like eat and "w". If that's totally wrong, my apologies. That's how my brain is making sense of it

  • I actually got dog because on one of the seasons of switched at birth, Daphne was teaching a little girl dog. So they drew a lot of attention to it.

  • The ketchup sign I've seen around my area is odd. It's handshape is like the number "8" but the middle finger and the thumb are about an inch apart. It's location is on the side of the chin and it's motion swings forward and back. Like I said, it's quite weird.πŸ˜‚

  • I'm hearing and I've taken a few ASL classes because I'm studying to be an interpreter and I have a brother who uses simcom. I'm happy that I got pretty much all the signs. I was just unfamiliar with the Canadian sign for ketchup since I'm American and I've had very little cultural exposure to anything Canadian. But I learned something new. Hopefully everyone watching did too!

  • Heinz actually advises it's best to smack the side of the bottle, not to
    mention these days, there's plastic squeeze bottles.

    "Shake and shake the ketchup bottle,
    None will come, and then a lot'll"

  • I thought cat was making the W sign with both hands and stroking your cheeks to the side. Maybe that's whiskers….

  • I'm going to do this with my sister who is hearing. She's taking ASL classes rn just for me!! She grew up fingerspelling everything lollll but so far, she's doing good!

  • I loved this video! It would be so cool if you did one with Hannah Witton with words that are related to sex ed or feminism. Or Alli Speed with gaming words. Basically I just want to see you do a video with them because I think you'd have amazing chemistry :')

  • I vote for themed versions of this game depending on the interests of the person you're playing with. It could generate interest and/or end up being useful in their lives at some point

  • Sign for sea or ocean also can mean a road with hills,up and down,mood swings depending on content and face expression. most I see sign water then waves for ocean or sea. :-). "/_

  • Too adorable!

    However!! Haha, I hate to be that guy but at 9:57 you only signed "make". It's not "make out".
    I don't watch (much) SaB so I'm guessing they stretched it out in the episode for dramatization but the sign, by itself alone, simply means make.
    If you pointed to yourself and did the sign, it'd just mean "make me".

    We have a sign specifically for making out. It's when you use two "I love you" signs, facing them together (and bring them together) and rotate them.

  • hey Rikki great vid! I'm jw if ur sign for make out or "necking" should be two "s" hands, like u did, but on the wrists not on the hands. that way it shows like two heads and they move in that circular motion. I only say that bc it looked similar to make there are a couple versions of make and that kinds looks like one. so I was jw bout being rude at all I hope it helps tho

  • o that's interesting! I kno there's many diff versions of the same signs and "accents "and sometimes I may not kno all the different variations too. hope u had A great 4th too!

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  • Awww, I love how Brizzy looked so giddy when you spelt pepper. πŸ˜†πŸ˜† This was really cute.
    I'm so glad I found your channel Rikki because it really helped to clear up any misconceptions and tiny curiosities that I've never thought of before about people who are Deaf or have hearing impairments. And honestly, a lottttt more people could use this info. Really.
    So it's nice to see channels like yours getting more recognition so people can learn instead of remaining ignorance.

    It's also made me even more curious about learning ASL. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ The TV show, Doctor Wonder's Workshop, at first really helped shed light on the perspective of the Deaf community to me.

  • Interestingly enough i learned that that was the sign for dog because its one of those things where they combined the finger spelling to make it faster . so if you think of the signs for D-O-G, that snapping formation would be similar to that.

  • I like how Brizzy is trying to sign out what she is talking about, even though she doesn't know ASL. It's really great of her to try, even knowing you can lip read, but she still wants to try to communicate with you better! It's great to see.

  • Ketchup in the LSQ (french Canadian in a way), I learn the same at the US one so I was like OH IT'S KETCHUP! It's really funny to see the signs of the ASL and try to see the differences with the LSQ πŸ™‚

  • This was so fun! She did such a great job! I only got a couple. Does Canada have their own sign language? I know Britain has BSL, which I find pretty different, and ASL, in US, which is what I'm used to seeing since I'm from here.

  • im taking asl and this is actually a really good study guide for me! this is only my second year. i'm proud of myself for getting them all right. (im hearing btw but i love learning asl and more about deaf culture. it's very important to know the right repect towards someone who is deaf)

  • NOOOooo, I missed Ketchup and Make out. Shoot. I'm in ASL class so I figured I'd play the game as well

  • I got cat, eat, book this was very helpful and interesting I'm learning asl and I learned a few more words ❀❀

  • My ASL1 class in college, during the food week I asked my teacher β€œdo you want to go make out.” Instead of β€œgo get coffee.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he said β€œI’d rather you make mistakes in the class where I can correct you!” Then someone other girl signed β€œI like to eat virgins” instead of β€œI like to eat vegetables” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • i found out that iam pretty good at ASL after this video … I have a cousin how have downssyndrome so i have learn some ASL Signs,, πŸ˜‰

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