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Greek lentil soup in Sign Language | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen

Hello, all of you amazing chefs on YouTube! Welcome back to my kitchen! Today, I will show you how you can make lentil soup, Greek way. It’s amazing how a few extra spices can make such a huge difference in such a simple dish and make it really delicious! First, we have to wash the lentils. Just put them in a bowl and to the back… plenty of cold water… Perfect! Stir them very well and then pass them, through a sieve. And the lentils are ready to boil them. Let’s turn the heat on the pot, and let’s prep our veggies. We need an onion… extra virgin Greek olive oil, two tablespoons, and the onion goes in. Now, it’s time to add more veggies because we are making a soup. And if you don’t add many veggies to a soup, the soup is not tasty. Remember that! Cut them in half, lengthwise, like this… and slice them! Celery, and it goes in! Let them caramelize. Now, let’s carry on! We need to add two cloves of garlic, in slices, like this… And all the other ingredients. We need two bay leaves, a pinch of chili flakes, some cumin, stir, and this aroma is amazing! I love this recipe because it is so simple and so, so delicious! In Greece, we’re cooking like that! Now, add the tomatoes, add the lentils, add the stock, vegetable stock… and if you don’t have stock, just add some water and a cube of vegetables. And when you add the stock, just cover the pot and let the soup simmer for about 45 minutes. Just remember to put the salt at the end. If you put it now, the lentils will become hard. If you put it at the end, the lentils will become very, very tender and very, very tasty. So, back again in 45 minutes to season and serve. My lentils are ready and it’s time to serve them! Now, I have some lovely bread here. I will drizzle with some extra virgin Greek olive oil, salt, pepper, and some thyme. Give them a nice color… and now, it’s time to season the soup. We will add the salt and the pepper. And it’s a big amount of soup, so add some salt… Bravo! My bread is almost ready… Look at that, amazing! Just remember… the simpler, the tastier! Now, I have a lovely plate here. I will add my lentils. The good news is that lentils have a lot of protein, so this is a complete meal. We’ll add the carbs from the bread. We’ll add some good fats from extra virgin Greek olive oil… And as always in Greece, just a splash of white wine vinegar. I will add some bread, here, one should be enough. And in Greece, when we’re serving lentils, we always have some olives and some anchovies as a side dish. A bit of pepper, of course extra virgin Greek olive oil, and whatever herbs you like. Like this… and like this! And it’s time to taste a bit of my creation! I love this dish, it’s a vegetarian dish! Really, I love this recipe! When you try it, please subscribe to my channel, push that button, and you will become more happy if you do it. Comments, underneath the video and share this Greek recipe with your friends! See you next time! Bye bye, yia sas!

2 Replies to “Greek lentil soup in Sign Language | Akis Petretzikis Kitchen”

  • Coming to think of it… those who cannot hear have to learn every single names of the ingredients through hand signs! Wow, that could be hard.

  • Bravo Akis. Greetings from İstanbul 🙂

    We cook mostly with no vegies less juicy. And sometimes we put some noodles inside.
    Some people make salad with Green lentil. You can imagine something like Kinoa Salad. Some people cook it with spinach, add yoğurt on top and put spicy tomato souce.
    İts also sometimes used for tricks in cheap places. They mix it with pistachio to make cheap baklava and sometimes add into Mınce beef to make cheaper Böreks, Patisere.

    This dish also has a nick name in Turkey as '' Kara Şimşek'' which is the Turkish name given to ''Knight Rider'' the tv seri.
    It used to cooked a lot in millitary. So the soldiers was complaining and makings fun of it. Green llentil is very rich with proteins but its beliving that also make some…. ''gas'' for People I mean fart :)))
    So when Soldiers see that dish in the evening menu, they were making fun as '' Tonight everybody will sound like Knight Rider :)))

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