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Google Pixel 4: Testing Radar-Powered Gesture Controls

– We’re here at the Made by Google event and this is the new Pixel 4. What’s new? Well, this comes with a radar and it comes with a ton of new gestures. So, let’s see how it holds
up against the LG G8 ThinQ, which was the last great gesture phone. (smooth electronic music) So, one cool thing is that you can unlock the phone with your face, but it’ll also be able to tell, thanks to the sensor, when you’re reaching for your phone. So, this is pretty cool, but, you know, when you set a timer on your phone, you can actually just
wave it to shut it off. Another really cool thing is that when you’re reaching for it, it’ll actually lower the volume. (phone beeping) Oh my God, it’s not working. Oh, I’m just trying to
use this thing (laughs). Oh, there we go, there we go. This is really embarrassing. I mean, my hand hurts from trying
to do this so often, and I really wouldn’t wanna
be doing this in public ’cause I look like a psycho. And now it’s gone. Well, the Pixel 4 compared to the LG phone is just way easier to use. I don’t have to program shortcuts
for the gestures to work. It just works seamlessly. In the demo I was able to just wave around and have things work. And also there’s, like, some less-functional features, like playing with the Pokemon, that I could just see myself doing, ’cause it’s really cute. So, all in all, it’s just way simpler, way more intuitive to use, and my hand doesn’t hurt
from actually using it. (resounding synth humming)

4 Replies to “Google Pixel 4: Testing Radar-Powered Gesture Controls”

  • I thought you said "it comes with a ton of gesture" and you demonstrate like 3 gesture. By the way you can skip a song by touching the display. That's why it's called 'touch screen". Waving at your phone while holding it in public still make you look a "psycho" just using your term.

  • lg may be more difficult to use, but will be less susceptible to false positives…..just saying : when u do it right, it work quite well…. Ms crispy hand.

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