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Girl Code vs. Bro Code | Anwar Jibawi

Hey Adam, I just got off the phone with Nick and he told me that he saw some guy with Julie said, look man She might be cheating on me. Just give me a callback Hey, babe, hey, hey, why would he do it here? We’re worthy Oh, what do you mean? What are you talking about? You know exactly what I’m talking about Nick told me that he saw you driving with another guy in the car just supposed to be at work What what happened is I took the day off? Oh, you took the years. Um, it was my friend Tiffany’s birthday and we went to breakfast for her birthday Tiffany oh I got her balloons for her birthday and your friend probably thought it was somebody’s head Okay, then what did you do after Oh after um, we went shopping in a little living Okay Call Tiffany You got a minute. All right. Now you have nothing to hide, right? Go ahead You always make me call my friends in situations like this. So call Tiffany Uh-huh speaker Hey julissa, Tiffany Hey girl Speaker world speaking. Sorry, I almost had a squirrel that What do you do for your birthday? Um this morning tiffany? tiffany tiffany Name is Tiffany Oh Tiffany’s Tiffany breakfast Yes, it was so good best birthday ever Presi I got you. Um, what did I get you again? What’s so funny What you did after one less question, so what did we do after breakfast You’re so park ranger right now park ranger at your side job Are there a lot of Park Rangers in your family bees? Oh, yes you remember Yes, good, yep, it was great. Sorry Somebody kept accusing me. It isn’t believing me and it’s acting all jealous We knew just who cheat are the ones that accused you of cheating? Cuz you’re guilty guilty of what what’d you do last Wednesday, then I wouldn’t ice skating Oh, I skinny with who with my friend Adam. Oh I’ll prove it to you. Look I’ll even call him right now. It’s okay. Don’t have to call anybody. It’s okay Oh Sorry, hey, how’s it hangin, bro? He’s at the movies What do we do on Wednesday dog You know, you’re my dog Yes, si si, thank you bro, and thanks for the invite for the movies. Yes. Can we Get a bathrobe by the way Hi hi Yoga switched to Fridays. Oh really since when do you do yoga? What about spin class I use it all the time Turn your boxers Sparkles you’re under my bed I drop my wallet don’t do there under the bed in my pants slipped off You better rock those cowboy boots. You’re sleeping with my girl. Yeah You sleep with my girl. Yeah, but like why didn’t you just tell me well, why didn’t you tell me? Oh Looks like they’re gonna kill each other pretty bad. Hey, I’m sorry for sleeping with your girl Sorry, I stopped at the echo. Yeah, we’re cool. Yeah Go grab a bite

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