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Ghaziabad Couple Kill Children & Commit Suicide

In a shocking incident occured at Indirapuram, Ghaziabad in the early morning of Tuesday 3rd December 2019. The wife’s name was Parveen – sign name – and her husband was Gulshan Vasudev – sign name. They were with another woman name Sanjana, who was Gulshan’s employee. They 3 of them jumped from the eighth floor of their residential building. While the couple died on the spot, the other woman survived the fall but later died due to her injuries. The three of them even killed the couple’s two children along with a pet rabbit. Let me tell you what exactly happened. A watchman of the building said that he heard sound at 5am in the morning. When he went to check, he saw the bodies and immediately called the police. When the police came and entered their house they found the two children dead in the bedroom. The children were smothered and their throats were slit. The rabbit was dead as well. After investigations it was found that the family was having a lot of financial problems. One of Gulshan’s friend Ramesh said that he received a video call at 4:00am When he answered Gulshan showed the dead bodies of the children. Ramesh was shocked and the call got disconnected. Ramesh kept calling but he didn’t answer. He even called Gulshan’s family but he had already committed suicide. The police were shocked when they found suicide notes written on the wall and some cash. It was very strange. The family has requested to be cremated together. The police are shocked by such a strange incident and are investigating the matter.

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