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How To Learn Sign Language

Getting to Know You ASL Vocabulary (MASL U3)

Unit 3 Vocab A lot of Beautiful/pretty to do during family fun you and me/we vacation to be born from to grow up/ be raised here live beach ocean rollerblade ski states USA/America Canada water close far email musician/singer car/drive light dark act/perform at (symbol) dot/period internet listen music/sing number street telephone new old video phone celebrate depend fall how many month season spring summer winter year Chirstmas Easter Halloween Hannukah Independence Day Kwan-zaa Memorial Day New Year’s Pass-over St.Patrick’s Day Thanksgiving Valentine’s Day inside outside weather cloudy Cold cool hot rain snow sunny warm waves windy show (you/me) flower there grow up hard mean (cruel) continue soft hearted soon dream self start/begin finish stop it quit information/inform join frustrated feeling what’s wrong bored color white black red blue orange yellow brown green purple pink grey tan celebration birthday cell-phone downtown near city atlanta

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