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Getting Our Deaf Puppy

Hey guys, so today we’re supposed to go to the Expo but Ryan’s not feeling so good. So we’re going to pick up the crate and the play play pen for the dog, but uh, today we’re going to get the puppy! So, her name’s Elekr.. Elektra, but I don’t know if we’re gonna keep that name? We’ll see. So they’re gonna come later today and we need to get that crate. Because she needs to sleep in it tonight. I forgot to explain Ryan’s mom has an extra crate and playpen so we’re going to his mom’s place to pick it up. He just needs some rest. You just need some rest. Maybe. Something’s bothering me. Oh yeah, aww. Oh that bruise. Can you guys see that? That’s really bothering me. He was working on the helping his mom install sprinklers in the backyard. And he didn’t even.. You didn’t realize. I don’t remember what happened. I don’t know. He has another other one on his other side. Not bad. Just needs some rest. I think he’s just been do a lot recently. I need to give him a vacation or something. Maybe. Want some more? No, I’m good. I don’t feel good E: What do you need baby? What do you need? I don’t know. Get coffee. Starbucks or something. E: Starbucks coffee You never enough coffee, huh, you had two cups. E: We decided to get lunch. Yeah lunch today I used to come here so much with my dad. Good memories here. We just met with a guy from Craigslist and we’ve got our puppy, puppy, crate. So, it had to be 36 inches to fit her. So you’re supposed to get the size of a crate that will fit the dog when she’s an adult and the crate comes with a divider that you can put in there so that once While she’s still a puppy, we can make it smaller. But as she like grows up you just expand it and make it bigger for her. Guys! Meet baby girl Elektra (WHIMPERS) Aw it’s okay.. She Jen and Christy the foster mom and the owner or, I guess she’s the person who runs the non-profit that saved our baby girl. Just dropped her off and they just left. So they showed us around. They showed us how to like take care of her and now she’s ours! E: Baby girl, oh no, no, nope. No no, no, no, no. Not on there. (KISSES) She’s also DEAF! You’re like me Deaf like me. Watch. We don’t know if she’s Deaf or HoH. But I’m feeling like she’s more Deaf (SNAPS) We need to feed her dinner. So I’m going to go wash the bowls and then I’m gonna feed her, k? Oh hi! Good girl! Good girl!! Good girl! Stay. Come here. Nothing. That bowl is better because it doesn’t move Walmart They told us to do half the cup of kibble and half a cup of water. No, no, no. No, no, no, no. E: yeh yeh yeh. Hold on (WHIMPERS) E: I’m gonna filter your water now. (WHIMPERS) E: Sit girl, sit. Yay! (GASP) Good girl! Yes, stay. (GASP) Yay, good girl! (HIGH-FIVE) E: Look at her go! E: You all done? E: All done! (GASP) Good girl! Yay! Good girl! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! (KISSES) She gets distracted easy. Nap (WHIMPERS) So as you can see we’re leaving her in the crate for a little bit of downtime. So she can get calm and used to the space, but it’s so hard because she’s crying. Looks good, she’s laying down right now. Yeah, she’s laying down right now, here I’ll show you. She’s looking. She knows the camera already. I can tell she’s already so smart. She’s so smart. She stopped crying, but it’s so hard because when she cries I just wanna open the gate. Gotta wait and let her calm down. because she went through a lot today coming here. And it’s a new place, so many new things, new smells, everything is new. So it’s a lot of information for her and overwhelming. Is she still doing that thing on the? Funny She Deaf or HoH, not sure yet, but you can recognize that she has some part of hearing loss. Why? Because she put her paws on the gate door. Because if we open it she will know to wake up. Look. You know tomorrow you’re gonna be at work so I get to be with her all day. Thank you guys so much for watching our vlogs! I’m tired. Exhausted. It’s been a long few days. Yeah, I forgot to mention she is a pit bull so you guys, before you comment down below: What is she? She’s a pit bull, full. Yes, and she is Deaf We adopted her from an organization called Bullies and Buddies if you want to check out on Instagram. We will leave a link. We plan to do a special video project with the organization. Follow up later! Thank you guys so much for watching, please don’t forget to subscribe So you guys can see us raise her and see more of her And I’ll see you guys next time. Love you Sign Duo OUT

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