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How To Learn Sign Language


Took this girl home with me from the office last night, didn’t I? Oh yeah? Nice! Did you…? Well… I don’t kiss and tell. She have a big nose or something? What? That. What’s that? It means it’s a secret. You’ve never seen that before? Nope. It’s pretty common. Yeah right. I’m serious! Yeah, I’m serious too. That’s what this means. Very good. See, I can make up gestures too. You’ve lost it. Oh, I suppose that’s a really well-known gesture as well? YES! See this? This means you’re a liar. You’re an idiot. Well, you’re jealous. ‘Cause your made up gestures aren’t as good as mine! Oh is that a challenge? Yep. [Dramatic crescendo] Fine. You want war? You got war. [Totally epic badass music] [Music getting even more tense and badass] [This sketch is so stupid. Why did we do this?] [Badass music reaches a climax] That’s a real one! [Whispering] That’s a real one.

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