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Gestures Around the World: English-Speakers React

That means I’m gonna stab you with three knives So… what does that mean? Scared Scared well it represents like three drops of sweat Going from your forehead down Well, it means no comments or awkward. No not like quickly like that oh, yeah My sweat runs swiftly, oh there you go. Yeah, what does this mean? It has to be with the whistle and everything Oh with the whistle yeah, yeah, yeah, and then from shoulder to lightly it means somehow to share oh Oh, so… it’s like you’re slicing yourself at home. I’ll get that/ I will cleave you from this part to this part. Well, I like that one. If you don’t do something Ah! Share Yes, like. Yes. I want some of what you got. When you’re hooking up with a girl, and you’re like…Shhh I Feel like you’re scolding me. Is this when you’re like…it’s pinky promise. That means you be careful though, it’s like You don’t push your luck. No if you say for example. I was busy last night, and I did this ah You’ve been woken up doing that all day and then your girlfriend or your wife, or a mistress, or lover Like did you have fun last night. how Did you? What?! This is like the most important gesture in Poland, and it me and and it goes like this? (sighing) uh, it means, “Hey! sailor, how are you doing?” Not right now, just don’t go that. Not even close. Okay. It means. Is it like, “I’m on the market? like I’m available.” Hitting on you something? Nah Let’s get drunk. All right. Let’s have some booze later, or like let’s get hammered tonight. Oh my god! I was so… drunk Bye… goodbye. See you later. You’re wasting time Hey pick that up over there over there pick it up idiot that right there one more time What are you offering me? Close! To purchase a stuff in a store, you wanna know the prices to make sure, like, “Hey! How much is that?” oh~ Okay. Much more. You wanna buy something. Alright? How much is it? Yup. This is a normal hand move. Okay so your thumb… It’s an icon !? No. No Deal. I don’t know game. Forget about it. So if you’re asking me something… Yeah. For something like a kiss, and I don’t want to do that I’ll show you this. I’ll show you this. You’ll not get anything. Forget about it. Um That’s kind of an intense man, your tongue is out. Alright, it means, “I swear.” Alright, the point is you have to show show show them your tongue is actually doing like this. Yeah. Okay, cool, what is that? So what was that? I’m done Finished. Exactly. What?! Really? It means, “I am I am fed up with this entirely. I have sweat stains on my arms. That’s how I realize. Hey guys. I’m marina from dating young borders, and I’m Utah from that Japanese man, Utah So you two just came from to Japan so I invited him to this shoot So if you want to know about the Japanese culture, please check out his channel, I’m gonna link to it below

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