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How To Learn Sign Language

Gestures and Facial Expressions ❤ Jessica Marie Flores ❤

So you don’t know sign language yet? That’s okay. Not everyone can learn sign language the moment they meet a Deaf/HoH person who signs. I totally understand that. Learning any language requires time and practice. But you should totally take up sign language because it’s ♫ Awesomeee ♫ Anyways, today I am going to be talking about what you can do if you don’t know sign language yet. Now the reason why I’m talking about this is because when I was growing up , no one in my family used sign language to communicate with me. It’s totally not their fault. They were never exposed to the language, they were never given any information or resources about the language, they never really knew how helpful this language could have been for me growing up. And I’ll talk more about that later. But the point I’m trying to get to is that since we didn’t have sign language we had to find other ways to communicate. Now my family is very energetic, they love to tell stories and they have big personalities. And a while ago I realized that when I would talk to my family, A few things that I found super helpful that my family does is they use a lot of gesturing and facial expressions when they talk. Now why is gesturing and facial expressions so important? it’s important because using gestures and using facial expressions can help you tell your story, Can help you tell us what you’re really trying to say. Gesture and facial expressions are non-verbal forms of communication. For example… (no sound) So the first personality I showed was obviously excited and happy about something. While the other personality I showed really disliked something. So without having speech without having dialogue, how do we know that it’s not the other way around? We know that it’s not the other way around because we have hints, we have clues that are shown through the gestures and facial expressions. When people don’t use gesture or facial expressions when they talk, it makes it even more difficult for the Deaf/HoH to understand what is going on. I’m sure you guys have experienced someone like this… (no sound) VS someone who talks like this… Big difference right? The first personality, you have no idea what they’re trying to express to you or what they’re really trying to say to you. While the other personality shows so much gesture, facial expression, body language, that gives us information that that person is sad. A lot of hearing people often get caught up with the idea that the only way to communicate with someone efficiently is by using their voice. It’s not… Awhile back I used to work in a coffee shop where people who didn’t speak english would come in and order stuff all the time. And how did I communicate with them? I would use gestures and facial expressions, and point to different objects that I was trying to describe to them. And it works! There are a lot of other ways to communicate with others. It just takes a little bit of problem solving, patience, and teamwork. Gesturing and facial expressions are just two of the many non-verbal ways to communicate. Fact of the day: I recently learned honey bees happen to communicate with each other by dancing. It’s called the waggle dance! I really wanna learn that dance… But anyways, if you don’t know sign yet use gestures, point to things, use your facial expressions to communicate. And seriously, go learn sign language because it’s so cool. Anyways! I hope you guys learned something today. If you did pass it on and share it so someone else can learn something today! Also, before I forget, I now have a Ko-Fi page! Which is kinda like a tip jar where you can help me support my content, so I can continue to make videos for you guys. As always if you guys want to discuss more about any of these topics feel free to reach out to me on my YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all that. ❤ And i’ll see you all later! ❤ ♫ Waggle Danceee ♫ ♫ Wagggle Dance ♫ ♫ Waggle Waggle Waggle Waggle ♫ ♫ Waggle Waggle Waggle Waggleeeeeee ♫ Buzz Buzz BUZZZZZ! I AM ABRAHAM LINCOLN! 🙂

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    So many hearing people don't realize they gesture every day, it's unconscious! That's part of why Deaf people are so good at understanding other people and their body language, other people use it all the time without even realizing it.

  • Thanks for another awesome video.

    Often times people assume I use just use lipreading to understand others. But what they don't realize is that I analyze gestures and facial expressions along with word identification to figure out the context of a conversation. It requires work but we have to be resourceful.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love and respect

  • Wow!! I am amazed right now, and have a total new found respect!! It's amazing at how easy it is to "understand" someone when they use Expressions!! When you mouthed (with no expression) : "I just had the worst day ever" .. I had no clue what you said, BUT when you used expression, it was SOOO much more easier and I knew right off the bat what you said!! That's mind blowing!

  • Jessica, if it's not too personal, I'm curious about your family and growing up not learning sign language. I'm possibly 15-20 years older than you, grew up hearing, not knowing any deaf people (going deaf now though), and some how I knew about sign language. I don't remember how I learned about it, but looking back I think I was pre-teen, but I knew about it. I guess it's just one of those things I incorrectly assumed most people knew about, especially deaf people. I don't mean that to be rude and hope you don't take it that way. Just ignorant, but learning. 🙂 How old were you when you learned there was a language that could bridge the gap between you and your family (if there was one), when did you begin learning, and Did they learn it as well? I think one of my fascinations with the language is that I'm half Italian and have always "talked" with my hands. I literally cannot speak if I cannot move my hands (we tried once by tying my hands behind my back; it's one way to shut me up, lol), I'm weird that way. I figured that my hands are moving anyway, I might as well move them to actually speak for me and make my movements count. Thanks for sharing your stories and teaching us all about sign language. Btw…do you have an "all about you video"? I didn't see one. Thanks! Sherri

  • Hey, by the way u make great vids my only prob is that I can’t always see your hands clearly or completely. Keep up the good work. By watching your vids I have learned a few new words in asl. Thank u for that!!!

  • When you repeated the sentence in 2:24 I could suddenly lip read you perfectly. English isn't even my first language. Magic! No, not magic. Facial expressions. This was both funny and informative, thank you!

  • Hi Jessica! I work in a corporate world. Hearing and conversing are very vital in our competitive field (IT and software). Talking to clients, bosses and stakeholders during meetings, phone calls, skype, and the likes is really challenging for me. Maybe you could put up a video regarding this for the awareness of those hearing professionals living in a corporate world. Thanks!

  • I am HOH and in recent years have started to learn to sign better! I had a similar situation where my family just didn’t know it would be beneficial and put me through speech therapy instead. It is very helpful to use facial expressions! I love when people are expressive! Thank you for your channel and wisdom! Also I love love love how your shirt matches your ear molds 💗💗💗✨✨

  • Thank you so much for spreading awarness about deaf comunity/hoh.I love your videos.You are so amazing!I have severe sensourineural hearing loss so I am one of the hard of hearing people and that's fine.Why?I feel like we should not be ashamed of our disabilites,about our problems and we should comunicate with people from our comunity with our voices,through sign language or with non verbal expressions,like facial expressions or gestures.If we isolate ourselves we will never solve the problem.We should try to be ourselves and talk with hearing people and hoh or deaf people.We are not put in a box because of our hearing loss,all the time.We are different and but this difference is important.We can connect with people in so many ways.We can comunicate with them in many ways.It's not just a way of how can you proprly comunicate with othe people.Are so many different ways.We should go and discover them.Trying a new way to comunicate or learn it,can make us understand each other better.If you are willing to comunicate with someone,you will find a way to do this.

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