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Gesture control 2.0 – a new generation of intuitive manual commands in cars

– Hi, my name is Julius Hassemer. I use my experience in gesture research to improve multimodal commands, for example, in cars so that gestures can
intuitively connect the driver with the world outside. Take a look at my concept
of a Gesture Control 2.0. – [Narrator] Autonomous
driving is the future but how will it feel like? Will the technology
make it more comfortable and are you going to have fun? Because we think you should. (upbeat electronic music) – We’re going to Sara’s. – [Narrator] Clearly you
going to give commands by touch and voice. Still the most natural way to communicate about things
around you is gesture. So, gestures need to be
integrated with other controls. – When does this restaurant open? (upbeat electronic music) – [Narrator] You definitely
won’t need a steering wheel to direct your car. And obviously, you can control any device that’s out of reach. (upbeat electronic music) Let’s open up your car
to the world outside and pair a new technology with the appropriate feel. Gesture Control 2.0. Give the future a hand.

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