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Gesture Challenge: Guess What Countries

Hello! Lilo: So today we will do another challenge Lilo: Whooo! But guess what? ASL and ISL is not allowed in this challenge! Stacey: Yep, that’s right Lilo: Talk about a challenge! Whoooo! Lilo: We have to act out using gestures to guess what countries we are describing! Stacey: What country is that? We have to act it out Lilo: So if I act it out and she gets it right, she gets a point Lilo: If I act it out and she missed it, then no points Stacey: Please understand that we only have 15 seconds! Lilo: That’s it! Stacey: not 1 minute! Stacey: 15 seconds! That’s it! Lilo: 15, whoooo! Lilo: Also whoever gets the most points wins Stacey: Yep, that’s right! Lilo: Who do you think will win? Lilo: Me?! Lilo: Come on, come on! Who out there support me?! Lilo: Or is it Stacey?
Stacey: ME! Lilo: Booooo Stacey: Just to let you know, we are very competitive! Lilo: We’ll see who wins! Stacey: Oh right, we want to let you know that when we use gestures Stacey: Sometimes it might be bad or insulting to other countries, know that it’s not our intentions Stacey: So if we do anything to offend you, we are sorry Stacey: We will act out really fast and not think Stacey: Sorry in advance, just want to let you know
Lilo: Sorry Lilo: Ok, so ready to start?! Lilo: Let’s see who wins Stacey: Japan! Stacey and Lilo: YES! Whoo! Lilo: She got it right! Within 15 seconds? Background: Yes Stacey: Ready? Lilo: Brazil Lilo: Yes! Whoo! Stacey: Brazil, that’s right Lilo: We both got one point Stacey: OH! Egypt! Lilo: You were this close! Lilo: So close!
Stacey: No nose, wtf? Lilo: I was trying to tell you no nose! Lilo: close! Stacey: Egypt Lilo: They said no point since you said it after the time Lilo: India? Stacey: Yes Lilo: Bam! Lilo: I got it! Two points! Stacey got 1 point Lilo: I’m winning
Stacey: I tried to make the time longer *Lilo is trying to spit* Lilo: Time’s up! Lilo: I was trying to act like a llama! Lilo: Llama! Stacey: That was cheap acting! *Stacey showed Lilo how she should have acted* Lilo: No! That’s not how a llama act! Stacey: You should have! Nepal? Lilo: No Lilo: China?! Lilo: What is it? Stacey: Cambodia! Lilo: You gave me a hard one! Lilo: The person behind the camera agrees that you gave me a hard one! Stacey: Oh, China! Stacey: Come on, more acting! Lilo: Time’s up! Mexico! Lilo: you were there! Lilo: That’s where you put your arms in the air! Stacey: You should have done more acting! Lilo: You know what I am talking about? The jump in the picture! Lilo: I should have used that Stacey: You should have used other than the landmarks Lilo: I don’t know what it looks like Stacey: I don’t like it. I am Mexican myself Stacey: I don’t like the stereotypes Stacey: but you could have said….. Lilo: Oh Lilo: It’s still 2 and 1 point. It’s still running! Still alive! Lilo: Australia? Stacey: yes! Lilo: Whoo! I got 3! and you got 1 Stacey: I added the Kangaroo because I knew it would be easy for you b***h Lilo: hey, watch it! Stacey: Oh, UK! Lilo: Whatever, it’s 3 and 2 now Lilo: Ok, it’s your turn! Stacey: Guess the country, not the city! Lilo: your turn, your turn! Lilo: Ok, go Stacey: She just wants to win, that’s why Lilo: It’s 3 and 2 Lilo: Come on, who out there is supporting?! Lilo: Spain? Stacey: Nope, keep going! Lilo: Greece! Stacey: Oh, Costa Rica! Lilo: Yes! That’s right Lilo: Remember when we got scared of those howlers?! Lilo: Mongolia Lilo: I got 4 and you got 3! Lilo: Ok, we’re done Lilo: So now we are finished! Lilo: Who won?! Stacey: But wait, you won because you didn’t act much Lilo: I did! I did act! Stacey: You acted out the landmarks but not the people, animals, etc Stacey: you did the spitting thing, what’s that?! Stacey: It looked like a person! Stacey: Not an animal! Stacey: Let’s see on the next challenge! Lilo: Challenge part 2 in the future Stacey: yes, we’ll see Stacey: We will challenge each other again! Lilo: Yes, we’ll see Lilo: But you had fun, right? Stacey: Yes, it was fun. I enjoyed it. Hope you guys enjoy it Lilo: Good game Lilo: peace out

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