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How To Learn Sign Language

Gesture-Based Audio Accessibility Layer for Exhibits

Ideum has expanded audio accessibility
software for our multi-touch tables and touch walls. Gesture based audio
narration to explore exhibit content. Male Voice:You have activated the audio accessibility
layer these are a collection of resource story helping fish flourish 2 of a8
invasion of the column a. Single user mode audio only for eyes-free
exploration. Shared mode the audio layer controls the entire screen for
collaborative interaction. Dual user mode audio layer and standard
interaction side-by-side. You have activated the audio accessibility layer
this is a career exploration quiz. A range of audio modes to enhance the
visitor experience. Personalization of volume and speed. Please select your
desired volume: loud 4 of 5 loudest 5 of 5 please select your desired speed: fast
4 of 5 fastest 5 of 5 best. Screen inversion to enhance contrast for low vision. Ideum
experiences for everyone!

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